10 Most Spoken Different Languages In The World

The most spoken Different Languages on Earth are Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic and Mandarin. When you ask someone on the street which language they understand best and speak at home you typically get an answer in one of those five. But did you know that other languages exist? Would the number of people speaking their native tongue make them more popular than these five? In this article we’ll take a look at 10 most spoken in the world. You’ll find out what countries speak them, how many people speak each language or dialect as well as who speaks it. So sit back, relax and enjoy the list.

Largest Different Languages

The largest language group on our planet is Slavic languages. They’re spoken by 380 million people and they’re spoken in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. All countries except Poland speak Russian as their native language. Polish people, however speak Polish as their native language.

Second largest language

The second largest language group is Indo-European languages. Today, 14 countries speak these languages but they were once more popular. The original Indo-Europeans are believed to be the first people to arrive in Europe and some of those languages are still spoken today. These include: English, Spanish, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Italian, German and Swedish.

Third largest language

The third largest language group is Afro-Asiatic languages. They’re spoken by 1 billion people worldwide and their native language is Arabic. Other African countries that speak these languages include: Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Libya. The only European country that speaks these languages is Kazakhstan.

Fourth largest language

The fourth largest language group is Dravidian languages. They’re spoken by 700 million people and are natively spoken in India. The other countries which speak these languages include: Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan. Tamil is the only Dravidian language that’s natively spoken in Europe.

Fifth largest language

The fifth largest language group is Semitic languages. They’re natively spoken by 400 million people and they’re mainly found in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. All these countries speak Arabic as their native language except Lebanon which also speaks French as its second official language along with Arabic.

Sixth largest language

The sixth largest language group on Earth is Germanic languages.

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