10 Things You Must Know About Loan EMI Calculator

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Financial planning and management are difficult responsibilities. It is not as simple as keeping track of your daily expenses and comparing them to your monthly revenue. If you’re thinking about buying your ideal home or automobile, you’re probably wondering how much money you can afford to repay without going into debt. It would be simpler to determine how much you can afford if you have an estimate of how much EMI you can pay each month. The Home loan EMI calculator can do these complicated calculations in seconds. It assists you in determining your repayment ability and avoiding loan traps. 

Facts to be considered before using a home loan EMI calculator

Before using the home loan EMI calculator, you must know certain things about it. Here are 10 Things about loan EMI calculators which will eventually help you organise your EMI calculation better.

  1. Before applying for a house loan, you can use an online home loan EMI calculator provided by almost every bank or financial company.
  2. The calculator will also inform you of your eligibility, EMI, and the amount approved for your property. 
  3. Your repayment schedule can also be explained in detail by the home loan EMI calculator. It will divide the EMI between the principal amount and the home loan interest rate on the home loan.
  4. The tool calculates the EMI based on a set interest rate, and the EMI fluctuates in the event of a fluctuating interest rate.
  5. Using a home loan EMI calculator, you can choose the best EMI options available from the different home loan plans provided by the bank.
  6. Try to use a home loan EMI calculator that does not request personal or professional information. The bank or financial institution may use your personal information.
  7. If the home loan EMI calculator is more detailed, it will consider factors like current loan EMI, local state taxes, and insurance. It will bring you a greater idea about your home loan.
  8. Any bank or financial institution’s home loan EMI calculator will keep note of the information you provide.
  9. You can use a loan EMI calculator from different non-financial websites. It assists you in choosing the finest home loan by comparing interest rates and other offers from multiple banks. You determine your loan eligibility and approach the bank only once you are certain of receiving the loan.
  10. You can also use manual EMI calculators. The Manual EMI calculator is a self-help tool that can also be used for calculating your home loan EMI. You can calculate your home loan EMI by the following formula.

                               P x R x (1+R) N

                                 {(1+R) N-1}


P = Principal amount of the loan

N = Number of monthly instalments

R = Rate of interest


Other factors having an impact on home loan EMI

EMI calculation is influenced by several other factors which are as follows –

  • Credit score – the higher the credit score, the greater the odds of obtaining a home loan.
  • Debt-to-income proportion
  • Statements of income and investment
  • A consistent EMI repayment history – the more timely payment you have done, the better the chances are that you will get an EMI loan with the best home loan interest rate


Now that you understand the significance of a loan calculator and how to correctly utilise it before applying for a loan. It would be simpler to determine how much EMI you can afford and various other factors that can be useful when using an EMI calculator. You can use a home loan EMI calculator to do complicated calculations in a matter of seconds and it will assist you in managing your finances.

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