4 International SEO Tips to Consider When Entering A New Market

When you are a big company planning to expand your business in other countries, certain things need to be considered. Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a pivotal role during this phase. You need to customize and tailor your existing content and SEO process to be in line with the parameters of the new market. Optimizing your website for international SEO makes sure that your site is optimized and ranking higher even in the new target market with the help of correct keywords and details. Since international SEO requires a deep knowledge of local and best SEO practices, it is recommended to consider a San Jose SEO company or other organization that provides service in international SEO tailor-made to suit your business and services.

International SEO is growing your website’s reach in a foreign market. It helps you reach a specific targeted area in a foreign land. The type of customer base you are looking for, their needs, and their demands. But when venturing this path, certain things should be taken into consideration. Therefore, let us focus on the four foundational areas of international SEO when entering a new market.

  1. Focus on Keyword Differences as per the Country 

It is imperative to use the local keywords to make your website user-friendly and easy to understand. Even for people from different cultures and linguistic backgrounds. Since each country has its etiquette, behavior, and terminology, the brand needs to understand and build on this to ensure that the audience doesn’t feel alienated.

For this, brands should undertake detailed research with the help of a local SEO company that knows how the people in the area think and search for products or services online. 

  1. Understand Your Competitors & Their Keyword Positioning

Studying and knowing your competitors is always a good idea. When entering a new market you will need to comprehend the competition already existing in the same space. Which can be a potential threat to your offerings.

A SWOT analysis of the competitive landscape can enable your organization to know exactly what to do and create appropriate policy and technology decisions. Competitor Keyword research also helps you understand how the competition reaches the audience and can help shake things up. The key aspects you should look at when analyzing your competition are:

  • The number of companies which are your direct competitors.
  • The content used by them; and changes in the content ideas over time.
  • Their target customers and their customer group.
  • Keywords used and marketing approaches they are implementing.
  1. Get Backlinks & Referrals from High Domain Authority Local Websites

To get a higher ranking, brands should not just get high-quality content but also get backlinks from websites that have a good domain authority score. For example, getting backlinks from high domain authority pages with the ‘.jp’ extension makes sense if your website is launched in Japan. 

Instead of going all-in or hacking the system to build credible backlinks. It is always good to tread lightly and get organic reach. Create content that resonates with the local brands and which local media and portals would like to feature on their pages. This will help create suitable backlinks to your website and help improve the website’s trustworthiness score. 

  1. Make Your Brands Entry into the Local Market

Once you have gathered detailed information like keyword focus, target audience, audience preferences. Marketing approach, and competitor analysis, it is time to launch yourself in the local market. You can start by creating a content strategy that the locals can easily understand and accept. Make sure that you build your brand to showcase your international repute but cater to local taste.

E.g, The content and keywords that work for the USA may not be suitable or acceptable in the UK or even Europe.Which has unique languages and dialects. The same goes for websites targeted toward audiences in the Middle East, Asia, or other regions, where the SEO and keyword need to be optimized for local SEO. And if you want to submit more content on thrid party sites then you can search on google tech write for us and get the more sites.


It takes a lot of hard work, detailed and accurate process optimizations, and constant learning to set your SEO right. Even after launching in the international market. It is necessary to analyze if the website is working as per the set goals and plans. If all the above things are implemented to perfection then our international customer base will be satisfied and happy. Which will help increase your followers and get additional revenue. 

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