5 Best Interior Decor Tips on Separating Living and Dining Areas


The home interior design landscape has evolved magnificently in the past few years. Many trends have vanished in the pages of décor magazines, but open floor plans are there to stay. Whether you are building your home from the scratch or you are renovating, knocking down the plans and creating an open floor plan can be your key to stepping into the classy world of interior design. Especially when you are designing your living-dining space with an open floor plan, demarcating the spaces can be a bit challenging. To aid you with your decor and differentiate the spaces like a pro, here are some tips by the top interior designers in Delhi NCR

Embellish bookcases, shelves, and even fireplace mantels, but what about accent tables? 

A coffee table can sometimes be easier to decorate because they usually come in larger sizes. But nightstands, end tables, and console tables also require care. It can be difficult to maintain the tables’ functionality while maintaining a unified, clutter-free appearance, but we’ve got you covered 

#1 The Hypnotic Lattice Dividers

If you love the jali designs in the Indian style décor, you will surely love the Hypnotic Lattice Dividers for separating your living space from your dining room. The lattice dividers pack a minimal touch into the traditional style. There is a myriad of designs to pick from. Ranging from contemporary geometry dividers to paisleys, you can pick numerous intricate designs that transform your diving game into no less than an art
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#2 Play with textures

One of the most efficient ways to separate your living and dining space is to establish different textures. As in the picture, you can create different textures of upholstery or different furniture for both areas. You can pick a more spring-like theme for your living space and a maximalist or neutral appeal for your dining area.

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#3 The Humble Rug Technique

Rugs or floor mats are a brilliant way to segregate spaces. Especially when you have a nice hardwood floor as in the picture, you can experiment with multiple mats for differentiating different spaces. As in the picture, you can pick two complimentary rugs, or you can pick two discretely designed floor mats that define your taste for each area.

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#4 The Lit Method

What do you think lights can do? Lights don’t just illuminate your spaces; they also act as statement pieces to segment different portions of your home. You can use dual tones of lights or use the same tone for different lighting arrangements to efficiently demarcate your living and dining space. Use your own imagination or take help from the ideas in the picture. 

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#5 The old-school divider

If your space permits, then use the old-school divider or the low ceiling without a door as in picture. Create false ceiling with panel lights and highlight both the spaces with two different tones of furniture, so they appear distinctly beautiful. Ranging from contemporary geometry dividers to paisleys, you can pick numerous intricate designs that transform your diving game into no less than an art. 


In the ocean of conventional decor trends, do something different. Seek the expertise of the top home interior designers and differentiate your living and dining space seamlessly. Gone are the days when walls defined the rooms in your space. Now, all you need is a bit of inspiration with the professional expertise of top designers, and your home will look no less than a marvel. 

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