5 Tips to Stay Safe From Hackers While Playing Online Games

5 Tips to Stay Safe From Hackers While Playing Online Games

For some, games such as battling aliens, creating virtual amusement parks, or online battle royale are fantastic relaxation methods. We all know that this past year has been a lot of stress relief. Freed up our hands to indulge in our interests. The report says that there is a 30% increase in gaming activity on the internet between the beginning and the second quarter of 2020.

Hackers are exploiting popular gaming websites to make money on the dark internet. Next time you connect to your online world, think about these recent video game hacks. Increase your security for gaming which could include an anti-virus for gaming.

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Recent Game Hacks

Between the years 2019 and 2020, the number of attacks by hackers on gaming companies increased by 340 % as per Akamai. Hackers have targeted a number of notable gaming companies recently, with a variety of motives. The first was that game source codes took by Electronic Arts to sell on the dark internet. Developers who shop on the dark web utilize stolen source codes to hack popular games or to copy the source code. Capcom as well as CD Projekt Red hit by ransomware attacks just several months apart One attack focused on the financial data of the company. The other focused on the source code.

“Titan Fall” & “Apex Legends” are Both games hacked to the point that the former game is no longer playable as per a number of gamers. In protest of “Titanfall’s” developers’ inaction players have taken to “Apex Legends,” altering the in-game message. The ease with that hackers is able to gain access to gaming sites online demands that game developers. Players themselves pay more focus on their security.

Online gaming on PCs allows players to make use of real money to buy upgrades for their characters. The characters are admired by others play with them. Others are envious. Advanced characters can earn a significant amount of cash on the dark internet and cybercriminals use credential stuffing to gain access to accounts of players and gain ownership. Credential stuffing is one type that is a brute force hack in which hackers use their own knowledge to guess password and username combinations. A secure password or passphrase is crucial for keeping your investment and account safe from the dark web’s fate.

Why Are Video Games Hacked?

In light of the previous hacks, it’s clear that gaming firms hold many valuable data. The players are confident in these platforms for their personal information regarding payment and the security of their gaming accounts where they invest hundreds of dollars to upgrade and make gaming a popular attack target for hackers.

Another way that cyber criminals attack gamers is to use the use of malware that disguises themselves as an advantage. Software that cheats online is typical because players want to be at the top of a crowd of thousands. The players who seek advantage in “Call of Duty: Warzone” victimized by a scam involving malware. The creators of malware advertised”the “cheat software” on YouTube and provided instructions about how you can download the program. The video got hundreds of comments. This made it appear legitimate.

The first step involved in setting up one of the steps to install “cheat software” was that users needed to turn off firewalls and antivirus software. The hackers walked directly into their devices! The device was infected with an extremely aggressive form of fileless malware known as a dropper. A dropper does not download malware onto the device. Instead, it provides a direct route to distribute a payload, like the malware that steals credential information.

Gamer Security Tips

Competitive gaming is very highly competitive. Therefore, if you put lots of money into your gaming be particularly cautious and adhere to these tips to secure your accounts online.

Do not divulge your personal information about yourself.

It’s not uncommon for players to use different versions that are based on real names and birth dates in their usernames on the internet. Do not use your birthdate or name for your user name. You could use an alternative username or a combination with random numbers. In the same way be careful not to reveal any personal details regarding you (phone number and birthday, or places you frequent) in chats or streams. Cybercriminals in the dark can get these details and use them to create a fake identity.

Change your privacy settings

In some internet-based PC games, you’ll be able to join in with other players from around the world. While interconnectivity is wonderful make sure you are discerning about the people you let access your profile online. If someone sends you an invite to a friend in the middle of the night be aware. There could be a motive behind it like phishing to obtain sensitive personal data. It’s recommended to modify your privacy settings so that your profile is unreadable to anyone.

Do not download pirated games or cheating software

Developers invest many hours creating incredible games, so be sure that you buy games legally and play in the way they were intended to be played. Be cautious of pirated or free downloads, versions, as well as cheat software as they’re probably too promising to be true. Instead, try some fun and challenge yourself to play the game in the way it’s written.

Log in using VPN

Virtual private networks (VPN) block your online data transmission, making the impossible for cybercriminals to gain access to your IP address or spy on your browsing habits online.

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