5 Ways to Get the Most From Facebook Live

Although Periscope itself can be simple, how you can optimize a video specifically for Facebook Live is quite different from YouTube. If you’ve used Periscope previously, you may know the best practices for live videos.

Give Your Audience Time to Join

When you begin your first Facebook Live stream, you must notify viewers to take at least a minute or two to allow others to join before you get into the discussion or presentation click here.

In the meantime, be friendly to viewers who are watching, and comment displayed on your screen.

You may also plan your broadcast to allow viewers to opt-in for a reminder email or even plan around the time.

Pretend You’re Making a First Impression

The majority of people who watch your video are immediately aware of who you’re and the services you have to offer. Still, as they enjoy and share your content, other people will join in, but they don’t know what’s happening.

You should include an introduction at the start of your video, explaining your identity, the services you provide, and other crucial information about your brand.

As the live audience grows, you can also introduce yourself intermittently throughout the stream.

Address Commenters By Name

One of the primary reasons that have made Facebook Live so successful is the interaction it allows between the person making the video and their viewers.

If you are responding to the comments of people in your group, You should use the same name as you would when you were all in a room, and that person was wearing the name tag.

Keep it Casual and Spontaneous.

There’s no need to invest fancy equipment or a recording studio for Facebook Live. It seems that people tend to favor unfiltered non-filtered, raw video gives.

Plans for Facebook Live videos are great. However, you can also make random videos in which you give your Facebook followers an alert 5-10 minutes before the time.

Videos that are spontaneous give your followers delight and inspire them to visit your Facebook page frequently.

End With a Strong CTA

Like any other type of content, you’ll want to encourage viewers to click and share it. If you’re advertising something, ensure that you clearly explain how viewers can access this item at the video’s conclusion.

Enhance Facebook Engagement through Facebook Messenger

Indeed, marketers are now able to incorporate Facebook Messenger into their Facebook marketing strategies. Facebook has promoted features that help marketers interact with their customers via Messenger.

Use the Auto-Reply Feature

A while ago, we posted an overview of how to boost engagement with Facebook Messenger. One of the most straightforward strategies we recommend is an auto-reply function followerspro.

Create and Share Messenger Codes

Messenger Codes are like your Snapchat profile photo and serve as icons that you can use to initiate an encrypted conversation with you via Facebook Messenger.

Social Media Examiner recently explained how this is done.

Use Messenger Bots to Enhance Customer Service

The future chatbots are our customer support, and they gained momentum in 2017.

You can build Messenger Bots that can answer frequently asked questions, provide important information, and interact with your prospects or customers in various ways. https://www.we5mag.com/


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