7 Reasons to Choose Dual Blinds and Shades for Your Windows

Although the basic principles behind blinds and shades as window treatment are still the same, there have been a lot of developments in the technologies, not only in the operation of shades and blinds but also in the material used and the varieties that are now available in the market. Traditionally, blinds have been considered better suited for commercial spaces, though shades were a more versatile choice that blended equally well in commercial and residential areas.

Dual shades are an excellent alternative offering style and functionality for a room. They combine the looks and functionality of two layers of material in a single shade, alternating horizontal bands or sheer and opaque material. There are many utilities of such shades.

Here are 7 Reasons to Choose Dual Blinds and Shades for Your Windows

The way they work

The alternating bands of the Dual Shades align to filter lights and overlap to provide privacy. The primary advantage of these shades functionality-wise is that they filter sunlight into the room in such a manner that it keeps the room naturally well lit. Through the sheer fabric, light enters the room. And with the opaque material, the room gets adequate cover to block out the external view.

Number of choices with dual shades

There are alternatives in dual blinds and shades that give you many options to use dual shades in any interior style. You can choose it with a cord, in cordless and automated options. When the shades are drawn open, they will roll up into a small container at the top. You can choose it in various fabrics, colors, styles, and functionalities.

Layering with light filtering and blackout screens

If you don’t want the opaque and sheer material alternated on a single shade, then you can choose layering shades with one layer of sheer shade and another layer of opaque. There is a lot of demand for such Dual Shades in California. While the light filtering shades are perfect for maintaining privacy and letting natural light in, the opaque layer completely blocks the sun and darkens the room.

Offering maximum privacy and light blockage

Choose dual shades if you want privacy in a room or if you want the room to be perfectly darkened. With layered shades, there is greater control over the amount of sunlight filtering into the room. Also, you can choose the shades in different patterns, designs, materials, or colors. If the room has a classic décor, you can choose roman shades in fabric with flower patterns and an underlying layer of UV-blocking shade. For a multimedia room, you can choose sheer and dark roller shades in PVC material for greater control if you want something purely functional.

Customize it to match the window dimensions

Depending on the shape of your window, size, and number, we can customize the window shades. You can measure the windows for the amount of cover you need and completely cover the window. The dual shade window covering will fit into a single compact case and not look bulky hanging over the window.

Motorize it or choose the intelligent alternative

Looking for a modern solution except for cords? You can automate the window treatment with motors or intelligent home installations. With automation, you can control the window treatment with remote control. Brilliant window treatments allow you to control the window dressing with voice commands through Google or Apple’s smart home devices. You can set alarms and manage the window shade operations with a mobile application.

Naturally, insulate the room.

With the combination of light and dark shades, the material will absorb or deflect the heat. Also, it insulates the room at a naturally pleasant temperature. Thus, one can control the energy bills and make an eco-friendly choice simultaneously.

Dual shades are perfect for the regions that experience warm climates, especially for bedrooms and commercial spaces where one seeks greater privacy. They can look formal or informal, as per the look one is going for. And customize the window treatment to get their perfect choice.

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