A Past Trip To Wienerschnitzel Chicago Dog


My friend and I took a lengthy road trip across the nation years ago. Before the trip, we established a few ground rules, one of which was that we would always try to eat local foods or specialties. We came up with a long list of these items, the Chicago hot dog being one of them.

Drove Vehicle Ferry Over Lake Michigan To Green Bay

However, as we were deciding where to travel for the final leg of our journey in Buffalo, the Chicago plan was shelved due to another guideline of our trip: wherever possible, we would visit a lesser-known place that we were not likely to see again.

Advertisement For Wienerschnitzel’s Chicago Dog

A few weeks back, when I saw an advertisement for wienerschnitzel chicago dog , I had this in mind. Obviously, some information would be lost in translation, but so what? I might as well take what I can get as I haven’t been to Chicago in eleven years and don’t have any immediate plans to there.

The Distinguishing Element Of A Chicago Dog

Additionally, celery salt is “the distinguishing element of a Chicago Dog,” claims the same source. On this dog, none were present. (However, wienerschnitzel chicago dog did not guarantee there would be; I’m not sure if that improves or makes it worse.) I’ll admit, this dog was quite good. It wasn’t horrible, but I won’t ever get one again. There was a pickle spear, tomato, green relish, and chopped onions

Why Wienerschnitzel Would Attempt To Pass This Off

But three of the necessary components were absent. Why wienerschnitzel chicago dog would attempt to pass this off as a Chicago Dog is beyond me. Simply remove it from the menu if you run out of the required supplies. This visit to wienerschnitzel chicago dog in Alhambra failed to give me the impression that I was eating a hot dog under the L on the South Side. Or maybe I’m overthinking a hot dog that costs $2.49.

The New Veggie Dogs At Wienerschnitzel Are Barking Up The Right Tree.

I’ve been eating a lot of vegetables lately. Well, not a “egg roll,” a “veggie roll,” per se. Instead, I’m enjoying trying out some of our favorite restaurants’ new vegetarian menu items.

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It’s not the accomplishment of a resolution that I’d be almost likely to break in the new year. The desire to live longer than my father, who passed away at the young age of 64 due to his lifestyle, has been ongoing for decades.

Veggie Dogs Made Of Soy

That wasn’t a deal breaker for me because I was a vegetarian for three years, which was many years ago. I still consume things like veggie dogs made of soy. Ironically, it’s the new toppings that make this article worth reading further rather than the dog itself that set the stage with wienerschnitzel chicago dog ┬ánew plant-based menu selections.

Barbeque Veggie Dog

Their Barbeque Veggie Dog is the third member of the new trio. I’m not sure where Wienerschnitzel got the “…que” spelling in “barbecue,” but they coated one of the vegetarian dogs liberally in barbecue sauce, pickles, and onions.

New Barbeque Veggie Dog From Wienerschnitzel

I would suggest trying Wienerschnitzel coupons new Veggie Dogs because they are reasonably priced given the quantity of toppings and the size of the dogs. Normally, I’m harsher on “barbecue” that doesn’t include my husband’s own sauce, but this one is decent. Good but not outstanding.

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