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Ac Market iOS

Normally when iPhone users come to know about the Ac Market they immediately search for the Ac Market iOS app. That is why a lot of users in our site often ask me for the download links of the iOS app so that they can install this awesome app on their iDevices too and can enjoy its awesome services.

Before I start our today’s topic I will like to say about the Ac Market iOS.


Ac Market iOS

What is Ac Market iOS?

Ac Market is an app for the iPhone users which they can install on their devices. Basically, the Ac Market provides the paid games and apps for free. It is also referred as the Google play store alternative or cracked app store.

Ac Market app is being continuously updated and more new features are being added to it. While the bugs that are present in the app are being removed and the app is becoming more and more useful.

Is Ac Market for iOS really exists?

Now here is a question, people say that the apps that can be installed on Android devices cannot be installed on iPhone and other iDevices. Is it a truth? Well, it is the truth because there are a lot of users out there who want to use the Ac Market for their all type of devices.

Recently I had written an article where I explained everything about Ac Market PC and that article explains everything very well.

But our question was is AcMarket iOS app really exists or not?

Well, at present no such app is available. The reason of this is that Android and iOS are two different operating systems, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As both the OS are different from the core so the applications that we can install on an Android device cannot be installed on iOS.

The developers of the AcMarket app are fully focused on improving the Android version of the app so that the maximum users can enjoy the full features.

For this reason, they have not released any iOS version of the app at the time.

But in future, they may release any such version which we can use on our iOS devices too. Until that time we have to wait or have to use some alternatives to Ac market.

Method No. 1 to Download and Run AC Market on iOS 11?

There are basically two methods of doing this. The first method is with the help of Safari browser for Apple which is also the easiest one. The second method is with the help of a configuration method. Well, this will be a little complex but you will definitely pull this off. We are also going to share the screenshots so that you can learn easily and know that it does work. We shall begin now!

Opening the Safari: The first step is to open the Safari browser on your Apple phone.

Launching the Web: When you have opened the browser on your phone, open our website on it.

Adding to Home Screen: Now you will need to add the icon at the home screen using the up arrow in your iPhone. See that in the image below:

You can find this on right side on iPad and at the bottom in an iPhone. The following image explains that well.

Getting your Ac Market on iOS: Now the app is already loaded on our website. However, you will need to load it on your phone and replace its name. We have named it something else due to the security reasons. You will need to replace the current name to AC Market and you will have it. The following screenshots from the live procedure are shared:

Method No. 2: Getting AC Market for iOS using the Configuration Method:

We will need you to use this method only if the above method did not work for some reason. It is only because of the complexity of this method otherwise, it is even accurate. Let us begin!

Downloading the App: For this method, we are providing you the free AC Market for iOS download so click it and get it on your mobile! Make sure that you do this using the browser on your phone!

Installing the App: Once the app has been downloaded, open it using the Safari browser and install it using the traditional method of doing that! However, for this, you will need to create a separate install profile on your phone. To do that, you must follow the steps given below:

  • Open the settings on your phone and tap ‘Install Profile’.
  • After doing that you will install the app and it will be done.
  • Once it is done, click ‘Next’ and the installer will close.
  • You can now see the app icon on the homepage of your phone.

Ac Market iOS Alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives out there which you can use but I will not suggest you all of them. As everything is not just perfect. So, I will list only one but that one will be the perfect alternative to the Ac Market and you will really love that app too.

  • Tutu app Helper for iOS: It is an awesome app for Android users which they can use on their iPhone and iPad for downloading paid apps and games for free. Moreover, it is also free and provides all the features that any other app like AcMarket provides. You can find that easily and it is also free. The following image shows how the Tutu app looks like:
  • App Valley for iOS: In case none of the other methods work or you just need another alternative for the process, we are now introducing this third-party app installed known as App Valley for iOS from where you can download and install AC Market.

I hope you have enjoyed our today’s article. If yes, then it is recommended to share it with your community and if you have any questions then you can check our FAQ Page. Or you can use our Contact form to contact us too.

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