Alpha Brain Review: Boosting Your Memory and Focus?

Alpha Brain

We were all there: tired, lazy, letting go of mistakes you would normally notice and correct, drinking cups of coffee (plural) and still feeling like you can’t get over the wall of fog. Difficulties with concentration, focus, and other cognitive tasks are becoming more common. In response to this battle, nootropics (substances that improve brain function) have become popular.

Alpha brain review is a nootropic supplement designed by popular podcaster, UFC commenta,tor and former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan. Created in Austin, Texas by supplement and lifestyle optimization company Onnit.

Sounds like a no-brainer to use, right? Nootropics are still very controversial in the scientific community, so that answer may not be as simple as it seems. We researched Alpha BRAIN to help you decide if it might be as good for you as it sounds.

What is Alpha BRAIN?

Alpha BRAIN is a nootropic and a flagship product of Onnit, a supplement brand created by Aubrey Marcus in 2011. Alpha BRAIN was inspired by celebrity Joe Rogan, who was interested in the potential nootropics used to improve cognitive function. Rogan, who says he’s been taking the supplement regularly since the product’s launch in 2010, claims Alpha BRAIN improves his memory of words, focus and performance in shows to the point that he will do “nothing without it. ”

This nootropic supplement comes in capsules taken twice daily. These capsules contain four proprietary blends of vitamins, herbs and amino acids designed to enhance your cognitive function and increase the amount of time you spend in ‘flow states’. When you feel “in the groove” of a project, a run, or a work of art and you see the hours fly by without realizing it, you were in a state of flow. These states are often considered the pinnacle of productivity without compromising your mental health.

These current states occur when the brain functions with alpha waves, a state of general neurological activity found in deep relaxation and quiet relaxation. Alpha waves usually disappear when you focus on a task (they are replaced by beta waves, higher frequency instead) and are often detected when you close your eyes.

Alpha BRAIN is BSCG certified, meaning it does not contain ingredients that are banned by international athletic associations, and does not come into contact during the manufacturing process.


While we do not yet know for sure whether Alpha BRAIN works as advertised, a 2016 study from the journal Human Psychopharmacology found that, after six weeks, 18 to 35 year olds who took Alpha BRAIN did much Neuropsychological tests that measured verbal memory and brain function, functional functioning outperformed their peers.


The study was published twice – once in 2015 in the Journal of the International Society for Sports Nutrition and again in Human Psychopharmaceuticals in 2016 with significant improvements in explaining how they did things. It is important to note that this research was carried out by members of the scientific community and the Onnit team themselves, so the research may be biased. We do not know whether this affected the work.

Another study in 2018 found that Alpha BRAIN had no statistically significant or significant effects on soldiers’ mood, cognitive function, or marking while taking the nootropic at a slightly higher dose than recommended (3 capsules) per day instead of 2). Onnit also funded this study, although they did not work directly with the research team.

Other Alpha BRAIN products

The Alpha BRAIN we discuss in this article is a staple of its product line. However, Onnit has created three other products based on Alpha BRAIN:

Alpha BRAIN Instant, a nutritious powder identical in six flavors

BRAIN Alpha Black Label, which contains extra brain and eye ingredients (including small amounts of caffeine) at a higher price

Alpha BRAIN Focus Shot, an identical liquid version of Alpha BRAIN in two flavors.

How does Alpha BRAIN work?

Alpha BRAIN is a nootropic supplement and some call it “steel” because it relies on multiple nootropic ingredients to create one detailed integrated product. Whether you understand it or not, chances are you have already tried a nootropic. Common nootropics include:

  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • ginkgo biloba
  • The motto of the lion
  • creatine
  • L-theanine

Alpha BRAIN is made from four distinct proprietary blends. The nootropic supplement does not contain caffeine, but it does:

Vitamin B6

  • Onnit Flow Blend (L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Oat Straw Extract, Phosphatidylserine)
  • offspring of cat claws
  • Onnit Focus Blend (Alpha GPC, Bacopa Extract, Huperzine A)
  • Onnit Fuel Blend (L-Leucine, Pterostilbene)

Each of the combinations is designed to target a different mechanism in your brain to keep it functioning at its peak. Onnit Flow Blend is designed to “promote alpha wave production”, Blend Focus for optimal acetylcholine levels and Fuel Blend for optimal communication with the nervous system.

On the Alpha webpage, Onnit specifically goes through each of the individual ingredients. What it thinks it does, and how they see it as a tool for Alpha to accomplish its tasks.

Dosage and Anxiety

It’s hard to get information about how much of each ingredient in Alpha actually is. Because Onnit designs its own blend, the Supplementary Factsheet only lists how many of each blend is in each dose, not how many of each ingredient. Some of this information is in Alpha BRAIN’s scientific study. the article is behind a paywall and not always easy to find or understand.

Similarly, a deeper look at the ingredients reveals a clear problem with the supplement. Not all ingredients are studied to support Onnit claims. Those that require high amounts of all vitamins, minerals, and herbs create an increase in the cognitive function to Onnit. claims. Since it is not clear how much of each ingredient is in Alpha. Contact with the company does not clarify that information. It is difficult to say whether any of the ingredients can be obtained at high enough levels to make a difference. do.

How much does Alpha BRAIN cost?

There are several different configurations of Alpha that you can order. While they all contain the same formula in the same dose, there are different amounts that you can take home at different price points.

Conclusion about Alpha Brain

At last, if you describe being sensitive to things you ingest (like caffeine). If want to try one of the more affordable nootropics without buying a whole month. Alpha might be a good choice for you. At first glance, it’s all: dedicated fans, celebrity recommendations. A list of ingredients that are (mostly) clinically relevant. A scientific study that shows it has some positive effects.

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