How To Design The Most Attractive Cardboard Boxes That Will Enchant Your Customers

The majority of the retail and online brands in the USA are using cardboard boxes to ship and display the items. Therefore, it is vital to take a bit different approach in order to stay unique from others. The use of similar boxes like other brands in a business category increases competition.

The only way to stay standout is by designing the boxes in an attractive manner that could leave an impression on the customers visiting retail stores. Similarly, businesses having an eCommerce business model could also elevate the buyer’s experience with a charm in their packaging.

You can follow this detailed guide to designing the most attractive, fascinating, and standout boxes of cardboard that will enchant your consumer base.

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Play With The Shapes Of Cardboard Boxes

It has been observed that many of the brands out there on are market still stick with the odd packaging mediums. All of them are of the same design, features, and dimensions. People have t interact with a lot of packaging types on a daily basis. Thus, they always look for something unique that fascinates them. Playing with the shapes of custom cardboard boxes can help you fascinate the customers with your products. There are several types of these boxes already available that packaging firms are offering. You can choose one of them that any of the competitor brands are not using.

Moreover, you can opt for customization to make them more unique and innovative. A way to do so is to get the boxes in the shapes of the products you are selling. Molding the shapes of boxes in this way will also save the packaging costs as less cardboard boxes material will be consumed this way. On the other hand, it will make the packaging even smarter and more optimized. Adding a bit of humor also works sometimes, especially for the toys and other kids’ products.

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Take A Pledge To Customer Ease

People do not consider the fancy looks of the packaging only. The biggest factor that fascinates them in purchasing the goods is how differently a box is meeting several of their needs. Thus, take a pledge to meet the customer needs through wholesale cardboard boxes. It could include the carrying ease if products are a bit heavier and could not be lifted easily. A pair of handles added to the top could make this task much easier. On the other hand, the handles, in addition to the packaging, also look attractive.

Similarly, rigid boxes made with pressed cardboard are the most popular type of packaging. You can go for these boxes to secure the products. This factor is most needed for buyers when they have to order some special products to gift their loved ones. Moreover, iconic statements printed over these types of boxes would also inspire customers for purchases. You can design these boxes for any kind of product to increase their value. On the other hand, meeting the consumer needs would also move them for purchases every time they need that similar kind of product again.

Place The Printed And Luxury Inserts Inside

Designing attractive cardboard packaging boxes has a prerequisite of adding luxury to it. The best way to meet this need is that that could help in some other aspects as well. Placing inserts inside this packaging is one such way of doing so. These inserts are placed in the base of the boxes and help present the products in a style while making a value addition. On the other hand, these same inserts are worthy of securing the products during shipping.

Some most popular types of these inserts are foam cushioning, cardboard inserts, and molded pulp inserts. These types of inserts are also biodegradable and lightweight. You can use foam cushioning to print the name or logo of your brand. Meanwhile, cardboard inserts are effective for printing a lot of desired greetings messages. You can fascinate customers to print their names over these inserts if they are buying products in bulk for some special occasions.

Customize Design According To Ongoing Events

Customizing the visual design layout is the most effective practice followed all over the USA and other busy markets. However, you can go a step ahead and customize the layout of the custom cardboard boxes according to the ongoing events. It is a fascinating way to make the boxes attractive. People always hunt for the products that are most relevant to the ongoing events. For example, you can target the events like 4th July, which is the pride of the whole nation and a dream to make America great.

Similarly, several events like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and New Year celebrations are times to get a thematic design. Display the greetings and use relevant graphics for such a thematic look. Similarly, you can make the design special for the Black Friday sales by printing the discounts in bold fonts. It will provide you with marketing benefits. Ultimately, brand sales will also go up and generate more revenue for your enterprise.

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Make Cardboard Boxes Attractive With Unboxing

Another great way to design attractive cardboard packaging boxes is by playing with the unboxing. It is a fascinating option to enchant customers. It is the age of social media and digital platforms where people share their experiences. On the other hand, people love to create their influence over people in their network. Therefore, they flaunt their products by photographing them and sharing their unboxing videos. It is essential, therefore, to make the packaging on social media shareable and worth photographing.

You can do so by creating a layering system for the unboxing of products. Meanwhile, there are several ways, like the use of removable lids, boxes with magnetic closure, or sleeve-style unboxing. All of these types are quite attractive and leave a mark on consumers. Ultimately, they get drawn to the products in markets and give a preference over products from other brands.

All of these mentioned methods are quite effective for uplifting the aesthetics of cardboard boxes. On the other hand, these methods are pretty cost-effective, and you would not require a huge investment to get such packaging. These strategies are also wonderful in a way that your brand would stay superior to the rivals.

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