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Among all the cuisines in the world, Indian and Thai cuisine are two of the most popular. Indian cuisine combines a variety of regional and traditional flavors native to the Indian subcontinent, influenced by global trends. When it comes to Thai food, Thai cooking emphasizes lightly prepared dishes loaded with solid aromatic ingredients, and spicy dishes are also popular. If you are seeking a memorable yet flavorful meal, Thai cooking is for you. In short, in both cuisines, a wide range of flavors and spices are available, making them appealing to all sorts of people.

You should surely try both cuisines, and it can be even simple if you try them both in one place. Citrus restaurant in New Windsor is well-known for its authentic Indian and Thai food. You can taste both cuisines in one place. We offer you the taste of the origin and make it a worthful experience for you to dine in.

What makes Indian food and Thai food so unique?

When we talk about both the cuisine, whether it’s Indian or Thai, both are exceptionally flavourful and exotically unique in their spices and authenticity. It will be a hard decision to choose favorites among both cuisines.

Indian cuisine is undoubtedly among the most delectable, finger-licking delicacies prepared and served uniquely. At the same time, Thai cuisine is widely famous worldwide due to its tastes and health benefits. As a result, the combination of taste and health makes it extremely popular.

Top Reasons why you must try Indian paradise/ cuisine 

·        Indian spices have medical benefits

There is no Indian kitchen without spices. All of the herbs can change the taste of the food and provide innumerable medicinal benefits. Indian spices contain countless health benefits.

Few examples of Indian spices that are healthy and enhance the flavor of the food:

  • Turmeric: is often used as a taste enhancer in milk ( also known as Haldi Dudh in India) and in Indian curries almost everywhere. Due to its antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and medicinal properties, it is a prevalent herb.
  • Ginger: Its benefits include treating nausea, pain, inflammation, as well as colds and coughs, and helping in digestion. It is widely used in Indian cuisine, especially curries and tea.
  • Cardamom: is commonly used in Masala chai as well as in a variety of desserts. Also, it is known to relieve constipation and help with digestion problems.
  • Cinnamon: In addition to being medically beneficial, cinnamon is also used for flavoring meat dishes, rice, and apple juice in Indian cooking, as well as treating sore throats and stomach and tumor problems.
  • Along with tasty, Indian food is also a healthy delicacy.

Indian dishes are prepared using traditional methods with vegetables and fruits grown in the field and are therefore fresh and nutritious. Indian cuisine emphasizes the use of vegetables, and cooking is accomplished in a way that preserves the health benefits of the vegetables and enhances their flavor.

·        Indian food is prepared by using organic ingredients

Indians believe you should cook food organically, so they use fresh ingredients to prepare their dishes. Since food is prepared from fresh ingredients, much fewer/no preservatives are used in the cooking process. This has many benefits, as it results in healthier food that anyone can consume. Indians do not believe in eating prepared meals because they lack the essential nutrients that the body needs to function.

Therefore, fresh ingredients and cooking without added preservatives are preferential in Indian cuisine. Citrus Uses quality ingredients and freshness, which makes every flavor work together to create delicious flavors. Visit our restaurant and order the experience of Indian fresh food flavor.

Top Reasons why you must try Thai paradise/ cuisine 

·        Quick preparation

Thai food is a quick and easy-to-prepare food that you can enjoy anytime. Ready-made sauces are used in most dishes, and some words are marinated in advance and stored in the refrigerator so they can also be prepared later on.

·        Thai food has a variety of options

Thai food offers a wide range of menu options such as salads, soup, and main courses. A Thai meal includes a variety of flavors, from BBQ to stir fry to curries to salads, to soups and steamed dishes to crispy insects and porridge. Thai foods feature a blend of sweet, salty, savory, and sweet tastes with a hint of spice. You can try Thai food at our restaurant, as the citrus restaurant in New Windsor is well known for its authentic Thai flavors.

·        Blend of flavors

When you try Thai food, you will find a blend of flavors that makes it incredibly mouth-watering. It is also well-known for its unique taste, and you will want more once you try it. Hence, Thai food has so many flavors that you cannot even imagine. This will be an even greater pleasure for foodies because there are so many flavors in it.

If you also miss the chance to experience authentic Indian and Thai food in Windsor, a Citrus restaurant is the perfect option.

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