Comprehensive Guide: Book Writing Has Never Been So Easier

Book Writing Has Never Been So Easier

Getting published might be the dream of a lot of authors. Getting your book done properly is another thing. Writing a book is no easy task. You just don’t need time to write your book or novel, but you also need to have enough time to publish it as well. This could be quite complex for some people as they sometimes can’t get enough time to read books. Whether you enjoy writing as a hobby or you’re an aspiring author with a book in your sights, writing a book is a challenge that can have a big payoff. The key to getting a book deal is a well-written book proposal. However, the first thing most of the authors usually do is that they break down their goals and try to achieve them one by one. After that everything else become way too easier. 

This blog will provide you with the best ways to write a book.

The Idea to Write a Book

The first thing you have to have is a good idea. Sometimes, great ideas arise that will never lead us to write anything. So before you step into the world of writing, make sure you have an idea that makes your book or novel stand out from others. 

Write with Simple Vocabulary

It is not the same to say “The igneous rock began to sprout from the deep crater of the volcanic mountain” than to say “The volcano erupted”. As you can see, the vocabulary of the first example is elaborate and obscure, while in the second example simple words are used and accessible to the general public.

If you do not respect this rule, people will not understand what you mean from the first page and will put your book aside.

The human mind is exposed to a multitude of stimuli that make concentration difficult. Don’t make a mess by writing long sentences full of subordinate phrases. Respecting these two rules you will know how to write a book with plain language and optimized for the contemporary public.

But the tips do not end here. You also need to plan your work from a global vision of the work. From this perspective, you will be able to distribute the contents of the text in such a way that your readers are trapped and cannot stop reading.  Or you could just hire a book writer if you don’t feel like writing a whole book yourself. 

Grab the Reader from the Start

How to start writing a book that hooks the reader? Well, entering fully into the action, with a strong and determined start. The first pages are the key part of any book. It is also essential to choose a good title. A pointed beginning grabs readers’ attention immediately because it’s a promise that if they keep reading, the plot will get more and more interesting.

How to Create a Character

You must be clear about who will be the protagonists, the secondary ones and beyond. Be clear about the hierarchy, give them the leading role that the story requires. If you want to write a spectacular book that will amaze your readers, work on the depth of your characters. Do not be tempted by stereotypes and trite topics, this way you will only be able to create flat characters of little literary interest because it is useless to repeat what others have already written so many times. Every good book has complex and believable characters, deeply human characters with whom the reader can identify.

Be Patient

And speaking of time, it may be that you have been writing for many months and that the desire to finish once and for all can. There are thousands of reasons for this to happen to you: you just had a much better idea; you have promised to make the presentation before you finish writing (difficult as it may seem, it happens frequently) or a long etcetera of possibilities that drive you to write like crazy and kill characters, send them on trips or marry them because you are worth it.

By following the aforementioned tips, you can also write a book that arouses the amazement and admiration of your audience and leaves an indelible memory in all those people who spent time reading your work.

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