ConvertKit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: Get 25% Off

Convertkit is giving various discounts throughout the year but During ConvertKit Black Friday, it offers 25% off on its all pricing plans.

If you want access to the items that they are selling on ordinary days, it will cost you more than 1,400 dollars to do so. On the other hand, because of this event, you are going to be able to purchase all of these products for a discounted rate.

ConvertKit Black Friday Deals In 2022

On this year’s Black Friday, ConvertKit is offering an incredible promotion.

  • 25% off on its all ConvertKit pricing plans.
  • It is currently selling the Creator Starter Kit at a low price of $289!
  • 12 months of access to all courses and coaching available through the ConvertKit Creator Pass.
  • Three months’ worth of templates for teachable email sequence
  • The definitive online book.

WPForms offers massive discounts during WPForms Black Friday Deals.

How To Redeem ConvertKit Black Friday Discount Code?

Step1. Browse the official website of convertkit and click on “ConvertKit pricing”. It will take you to the price plans page.

Step 2. On the ConvertKit pricing page, choose your plans as per your requirements and click on “Start a free trial”.

Step 3. Create your account by filling up your personal information such as name, email address, and password then click on “Get Started”. It will take you to the checkout page.

Step 4. On check out page, fill up your payment details and complete your payment process,

Hope you have received a massive Black Friday discount.

ConvertKit Pricing Plans

Mainly ConvertKit has three ConvertKit pricing plans.

  1. Free plan:$0(if billed yearly).
  2. Creator plan:$9(if billed yearly).
  3. Creator pro plan:$25/m(if billed yearly).

What Is ConvertKit

Email marketers, such as professional bloggers, authors, course developers, and others, will find ConvertKit to be a useful tool because it was developed specifically for their needs.

In addition to that, it assists users in developing landing sites and selling goods and services via email. Imagine a product that is a combination of Infusionsoft and MailChimp, but one that is less expensive and simpler to operate.

Bloggers and authors who are serious about cultivating long-term relationships with their audiences need to compile reader mailing lists. Some people are still turned off by email marketing, but if you think about it like this, it’s not marketing at all; rather, you’re just writing a letter to a friend.

Email marketing allows you to establish an internet business while simultaneously informing readers about your work and providing them with information on items and services that may be of use to them.

MailChimp and AWeber are now the two most popular choices among small businesses looking for email marketing tools. For more advanced email marketing and automation, several larger blogs and organizations rely on more powerful tools such as Infusionsoft. However, the utilization of these email marketing techniques might be either difficult or costly depending on your preference.

Key Features Of ConvertKit

1. Advanced Marketing Automation

ConvertKit will immediately assign the tag’student’ to the customer who purchased this course on Teachable, and it will then begin sending the student a series of emails that are linked to this course.

I can even utilise this tag to send direct emails to these subscribers and track the dollar value of leads that they generate.

ConvertKit can integrate with a variety of different services, including GumRoad, SamCart, WebinarNinja, and LeadPages. You also have the option of connecting it to Zapier. After that, you’ll be able to configure automation according to how you make use of these services.

However, marketing automation is a complicated process. ConvertKit is home to a multitude of sequences and forms for my business. Insightful as the visual automation tools are, the sequences and automation rules can easily become overwhelming.

2. Hosting Landing Pages

ConvertKit provides its users with more than a dozen distinct landing page layouts to choose from. You are able to give these products an appearance and feel that are consistent with your brand. Users can publish landing pages on their own websites by using a WordPress plugin, or they can utilize a version that is hosted by ConvertKit.

I try to entice people to sign up for my email list so they can read my books by using my landing page. At the beginning of the book, I give readers the opportunity to receive a free bonus if they so choose. This will take you to the landing page for ConvertKit.

Although the landing pages offered by ConvertKit are not as powerful as those provided by paid landing page software like as LeadPages, they are sufficient for the majority of common applications.

3. Email Autoresponders

Send out a series of informative messages or helpful hints that are based on your most recent book.

Send new subscribers links to the blog posts that have received the most comments.

Send a brief survey to newly subscribed users of your email service so that you may learn more about their goals, worries, dreams, and problems.

Include in your presentation a “soft sale” in which you discuss one of your books and invite readers to purchase it.

4. Email Sequence

Using ConvertKit, you have the option of building a landing page or filling out a form in order to collect email subscribers.

You may customize the look and feel of these embedded forms to make them consistent with the design of your website by inserting them into blog posts or other web pages. On this website, I publish new forms on a regular basis in an effort to attract new subscribers.

After you have created a form, you should compose a brief email introducing yourself to the new subscriber. Anyone who joins the form will automatically receive this message from ConvertKit. You can even incorporate a content update or bonus.

ConvertKit gives you a snippet of code that you can embed on your website to make the form appear there. You may also use a variant of this code to create a clickable button, which is the approach I favor most for encouraging readers to sign up for your newsletter.

Another option is to utilize a plugin for WordPress, which will cause it to show automatically beneath posts. It shouldn’t be difficult to replicate these forms across a number of different posts and pages.


The ConvertKit is ideal for any creator who is just getting their feet wet in the industry or is considering making the switch to ConvertKit.

Even while there are many companies that offer email marketing services, there are only a few of those companies’ products that can effectively compete with ConvertKit’s offerings.

But, when it comes to ease of use and learning curve, ConvertKit trumps them all.

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