Corporate internet solution: Loom WiFi Extender

Loom wifi Extender

Here we are discussing about Loom wifi extender. Working in a corporate office is immediately an entire idea of how much the internet will be consumed by a large number of employees. The number of people connecting to the internet at the same time is huge and this leads to slowing down browsing speeds and halts connectivity. Multiple connections at the same time to the same access point always make the speeds slower and network weaker which is the last thing that could come in the way of a corporate company.
A company whose high-end profits are truly based upon work done online. It would be a huge loss if buffering problems and connection overloads occur stopping work. As time is money, a fast connection, and strong range is always necessary. At a lot of offices, it would be commonplace to see a router for every few counter numbers of employees set up in their workspaces. The same was the case at my office and due to the multiple connections, my speeds were tumbling down and I couldn’t get the work done on time. This was hugely frustrating. Especially because I thought I could do nothing about it. Until I finally bought an Loom wifi extender.

Loom WiFi extender Setup

I brought in the Loom wifi extender to my office and started to set it up with the router. That will assign to a group of me and my co-workers. There were two ways I could set it up. One was to use the website UI to manually select my desired router and pair the extender to it. I could also do it with the WPS button present on the main router.  As I wanted to connect it to a particular router among the many others that were present I decided to do Loom WiFi extender Setup without wps option. I went on to the website and logged in using the defaults after which I selected the manual method and selected the desired router.

This was really easy and I didn’t have to spend too much time on the Loom extender manual. The website also had a lot of other features to program and manage the device. It could be used to install updates and run Loom WiFi extender troubleshooting procedures. It was very useful and handy. After that, all I needed to do was to find a good place to plug the extender in and start it up. Then I could connect to it and not worry about the slowing down of the network speeds and connection strength and finally work in peace.

Installing updates

Whenever I wanted to install updates I could always go to the setup website and check for the updates. I could install them at my preferred time without any problem. Whenever I faced any troubles regarding connection. I simply went to the website. Then remotely restart the device fixing about any problem. The problems still persisted all I needed was the online troubleshooter. Now after only one run, the thing will work as good as new. I have never had a better connection at my office before I installed the Loom wifi extender. It was a whole new experience for me and a delightful one to be precise.


It can use as a home wireless router extender for multiple connections. Also use among the family members to just eliminate wifi dead spots. That fall out of the range of the main router. You can also use it in offices. Like I do or in classrooms, staff rooms or wherever the internet is required. But cannot be reached by a wifi router that needs a fixed place. The Loom wireless router is a very sleek and primal device. Also fits into almost all the checkboxes you would associate with a good and efficient wifi range extender. It also configure using ap.setup web address.

Loom wifi Extender review

The extender is very useful for eliminating the problem of network strength caused by simultaneous multiple connections to the same device or router. It supports 15 and more simultaneous connections without limiting the speeds. This feature makes it even more appealing and desirable. A good product for an affordable price and features that are more than worth the money paid for it. Also read more.

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