Couples Who Love to Stand Out Together Need Unique Tattoos

Unique Tattoos

Tattoo lovers often think that the only people who could possibly understand what they’re going through are other tattoo lovers, but it’s not always that way. While some couples like to show off their love by getting matching tattoos, plenty of other tattooed couples stand out in their own unique ways while still expressing their devotion to each other. These are the most unique tattoos for couples who love to stand out together in the crowd.

Map your love

My name is Adri and I am married to the love of my life, Andy. We have been together for over a decade and are now parents of two beautiful children. We are very close in age, both turning 30 this year, which has made us more conscious about what we do with our bodies.

We wanted tattoos that would stand out on our skin and connect us as one while not being too permanent or costly. We were able to find some great options through a company called MeeOff that specializes in temporary tattoos for couples who love matching tattoos but don’t want them permanently etched into their skin! These types of temporary tattoos can be applied anywhere on your body and last up to 10 days depending on how you care for them.

Share a special story

I have always wanted tattoos, but my wife is not the type of person who is into tattoos. For our anniversary I got her one of those kits and she was so excited! It was a  kit and it had everything we needed in it. The best part? There were designs for both of us! We could use the same design or choose different ones. She picked out a few that she liked and then I did too. We used the stencils to trace them on our skin and then used the paint in the kit to fill them in with color.

Represent individuality

MeeOff is a company that offers designs for tattoos that are as unique as the wearer. Designs can be customized base off of preferences. Or they can offer a build your own option. They also have options for couples who want to share a tattoo but still want it to be their own.

MeeOff offers detailed and vibrant designs with the best customer service available. Their design team has 50+ years combined experience in tattooing and their artists are always up-to-date on the latest trends. MeeOff features some of the most unique designs for all sorts of different occasions, including tattoos for couples who love standing out together!

When in doubt, go abstract

Thinking about getting a tattoo? If you’re looking for something that stands out, then try something abstract. Abstract tattoos are more of an art form, and allow the artist a lot more freedom when it comes to creativity. This can be great for couples who want matching tattoos but don’t know what they want! Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with a design that’s meant to be open-end. Whether you have your partner’s initials or favorite saying in mind or just love the idea of being creative together. Abstract tattoos are perfect for your relationship.

Go with bright colors, but don’t let it bleed outside the lines

  • They both get a letter from their names tattoo on their ring fingers as an infinity sign.
  • They get the same constellation tattoo on their backs in two different colors that match the colors in their eyes.
  • They get matching heiroglyphics that symbolize something meaningful for them both.

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