Differentiate Between Implants and Fillers

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Fillers and implants are splendid ways to provide a fresh, youthful look and a touch-up appearance for a more extended period. Both filler and implants can bring about change that you’re excited about. There is a profound difference between what they’re offering and what kind of abiding change they bring about. Thereby, getting the best plastic surgery hospital in Mumbai and having done both the things under an experienced surgeon is an experience to be acknowledged.

The best plastic surgery Hospital in Mumbai provides the spire with plump cheeks and a well-defined chin. That not only creates tempting facial proportions but also resonates with vitality, health, and youthfulness. Further, in progression in time, implants and fillers have relatively become easier to be achieved.

Moreover, Nanavati Max Super Specialty Hospital serves people’s needs by being the best plastic surgery hospital in Mumbai.  The hospital enhances the facial features using dermal fillers and implants. Simultaneously, both cosmetic procedures provide you with the aesthetic changes you desire.  They are different terms, but both implants and fillers offer great youthfulness in terms of longevity.  

 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery –Implants & Fillers

Implants and Fillers lie under cosmetic plastic surgery, with the major aspect and concentration focused on the improvement and restoration of facial forms and functions. However, while implementing implants and fillers, surgeons encounter various problems such as trauma while and prior to surgical procedures.  That releases a profound effect on the psychological structure or human emotion. 

Aesthetic plastic surgery reconstructs or rehabilitates a particular body part. Cosmetic plastic surgery is a multi-faceted specialty combining the art level of function, technique, form, and principle. 

What are Implants?

An implant is typically made up of silicone or other solid materials that are compatible with human tissues. In addition, these implants serve as permanent additions to cardinal facial structure. Surgically, they’re instituted to enlarge or magnify a particular physical structure on your face. For instance, a cheek implant gives you a “high cheekbone” that looks like a jawline. Whereby, a chin implant addresses your desired chin, bringing a balance and symmetry to your face. 

What are Fillers?

The fillers, or dermal fillers, are usually helpful in improving the appearance of moderate or severe wrinkles. And the addition of fillers adds youthfulness, eliminating the signs of aging in your face. 

The most common areas where fillers are applicable are marionette lines at the corner of your mouth, the smile lines around your nose and mouth, frown lines between your eyes, along with fine lines around your mouth.

Major Differences between Implants & Fillers


Difference Implants Fillers
Surgeon Type An experienced person with skills in Cosmetic plastic surgery. An experienced person with intricate skills in Facial Contouring
Material Used Made up of Silicone, Dacron, Teflon, or biological inserts compatible with bodily tissues. Made up of collagen, hyaluronic acid, or fat grafts, injected for more definition
Cost Range from ₹ 1 lakhs – ₹ 3 lakhs Range from ₹ 70, 000- ₹2 lakhs
Time Usually, implants are done in 30 minutes to 2 hours and may also need anesthesia. Usually, fillers are done in 5- 30 minutes as per the area
Construction The surgeon makes material inserted into the pocket within the body tissues. Injections that add volume to the area under the skin and enlarge the facial contours, lasting for 1-2 years


How to acknowledge which one is best for your body?

Based on your goals, general health, and availability, we describe which cosmetic surgery is best for your body. 

For fillers:

  • Regarding the person who’s concerned about their age-related volume loss
  • Individuals wanting to restore the lost volume in the cheeks rather than adding more volume to their cheeks
  • People are willing to undergo touch-up treatments to maintain their body structure. 
  • Individuals who are not suitable for the surgery due to medical conditioning 

For implants

  • People want a permanent solution for amplifying their facial structures
  • Individuals that do not want to repeat their procedure
  • People willingly ready to undergo surgery and its recovery time
  • People who are in good medical condition to undergo the surgery


Cosmetic plastic surgeries, such as implants and fillers, can be scary, causing psychological effects like other surgeries, thereby visualizing and analyzing its effectiveness and after-affect results. Therefore, finding the best surgeon and getting the best plastic surgery hospital in Mumbai is always recommended.

Therefore, with your doctor’s approval, you’ll know for which plastic surgery you’re applicable. Before performing implants and fillers, the surgeon will always check the medical condition and background.

However, choose wisely before your last action, as the cosmetic plastic surgeries of implants and fillers might look youthful. But, it always requires an experienced person to carry forward the process.

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