Facebook vs Instagram which one is better for paid campaigns?

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Facebook vs Instagram: both are online platforms to connect with your friends, relatives, artists and for business promotions. From the business man point of view Facebook and Instagram both are promotion applications, where you can promote your product through story, upload photos, videos and paid promotions through celebrity etc.

Facebook launched in 2004 and grew too much with a huge daily average user for June, 2018 1.47 billion to connect with family and friends. Instagram launched in 2010 and grew with the younger population day by day. After  the successful launch, Instagram had 800 million users in 2017 around the world. In 2012 facebook owner Mark Zuckergarg decided to buy instagram, because of its popularity.

Facebook vs Instagram which one is better

Paid campaigns For Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular online platform to connect with people. If your customer spends most of their time on facebook, then it will increase your brand awareness and website traffic very fast because it’s the most targeted form of advertising. But before all this, optimize your profile first. Sellers can upload the images of the product and other details. If you want to learn more about how to make reels on instagram  Then click here.

Instagram for paid campaigns.

Instagram is one of the trending and fast growing online application. According to a january 2021 report 75% of facebook users are also using instagram. Instagram is mostly used to connect with friends,follow celebrities and other pages etc. Because of its popularity in the younger generation Instagram is growing daily. 

Facebook vs. Instagram on Advertising basis.

Facebook vs. Instagram Facebook is one of the oldest and largest online platforms with a huge audience. And businessmen Invest high amount on facebook for their paid campaigns.But Instagram also has a huge younger audience and they have invested too much amount on paid advertising. But the fact is that instagram spends only half budget in comparison to facebook. In 2021 YoY average ad. Spent on Facebook increased by 7,16% and 8,69% on Instagram. It clearly seems that people are giving attention to advertising on Instagram in future.

CPC values: $0.49 for Facebook ads and $1.09 on Instagram ads.

CTR: Facebook having average CTR of 3.06%, Instagram having 0.68% CTR on average.

No doubt facebook has a good amount of investment on Advertising but nowadays users also want to promote their products through Instagram due to the younger generation. Younger generation is increasing on instagram on a daily basis. In instagram users have the option to share the same story to facebook at the same time.

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Facebook vs Instagram: which one is better for a paid campaign, So both options have capability to Increase the business through paid promotions. Facebook is an old platform with lots of investment on advertising. On the other hand, Instagram is one of the most used apps by the younger generation and people are investing in advertising very quickly. On facebook we can see long social videos but Instagram is famous for short videos. In this case if you want to share long videos then facebook will be a good option. Instagram has a good security system, On the other hand facebook is not perfect from a security point of view.

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