Fulfill Your Cravings With The Best Egyptian Restaurants In Dubai


Are you a foodie in Dubai searching for great Egyptian restaurants to try? You have a wide range of choices from when you buy an apartment in Central Park City Walk Dubai. Many restaurants in Dubai provide high-quality versions of this iconic food in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Continue reading to learn about the best Egyptian restaurants in Dubai.

The Best Egyptian restaurants In Dubai

Hadoota Masreya

In Dubai, Hadoota Masreya is a famous casual dining spot that specialises in Egyptian cuisine. They have a large menu of options for all three meals of the day. Hadoota Masreya’s breakfast menu includes a selection of egg dishes, foul, Tameya, feteer, sandwiches, and more. Tahini, Musaqaa Bachamel, Molokheya w Meat, and a variety of salads are also available.

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Koshray Abutarek & Halawani Restaurant

The Koshary Abutarek & Halawani Restaurant is considered one of Dubai’s best restaurants. The famous restaurant serves Koshary, also known as Koshari, an Egyptian dish made with chickpeas, lentils, tomato sauce, crispy onion, boiled pasta, and other ingredients. The recipe is available in various serving sizes, including mini, medium, massive, and family meal portions for two to four people.

Masmat Baha Restaurant

Masmat Baha Restaurant in Al Barsha offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern, Egyptian, and Asian cuisines. The restaurant is noted for its low costs, generous food servings, and cosy, family-friendly atmosphere. They have it all from well-cooked lamb Fattah and Molokhia with duck to plain okra with meat and kaware broth.

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Al Amoor Express

You will sample various Egyptian appetisers and main course dishes on your trip to Al Amoor Express. Begin with a tasty, warm bowl of soup and spicy chicken liver, then move on to Egypt’s famous beef specialities or vegetarian options. Their Koshari, which comes in beef, fish, and seafood flavours, is not missed. You may also sample some delectable Egyptian desserts.


Basboussa, a dessert shop in Jumeirah’s Village Mall, is a nice spot to go if you’re looking for authentic Egyptian sweets and baked goods. At Basboussa, traditional dishes like kunafe, baklava, warbat, and more.

Akl Elhwanem Kitchen

Akl Elhwanem Kitchen has it all, from typical fava beans to packed pigeon. Kebabs, kofta, chops, and other grilled meat staples in Egyptian cuisine are also available. Casseroles come in a variety of flavours for those searching for something light.

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Grand Arabesk

The Egyptian cuisine at Grand Arabesk is extensive. To go with their dinner, diners should order fresh juice or Arabic tea. The restaurant also provides delivery service to customers’ homes.

Al Fouad Express

Al Fouad Express is the spot to go if you’re looking for anything light. Sandwiches can be made with a variety of fillings to fit a variety of tastes. The eatery also offers a diverse selection of refreshing beverages.

Cairo Gourmet

Cairo Gourmet is one of Dubai’s most reasonably priced Egyptian restaurants. Diners will choose from various Egyptian breakfast choices, filling lunch and dinner entrees and delectable desserts to round out their meal. In addition, many people who want to taste fine shisha frequent the eatery. An indoor dining area and a live sports screen are available to diners at the restaurant.

Al Sukaria

Al Sukaria offers a calm environment and excellent food options, and breathtaking views of Dubai Marina. This restaurant is perfect for foodies who want to taste Egyptian cuisine in Dubai while sipping on some cool shisha flavours. Indoor and outdoor dining and WiFi, and free parking are all available at the restaurant.

Al Aumdah

At Al Aumdah, you will savour succulent lamb chops, Egyptian kebab, salads, and more, as well as other typical Egyptian food specialities in their natural flavours. Aside from standard fare, the restaurant offers Egyptian-inspired pizza, pasta, and pies.

Shatta Restaurant

Shatta Restaurant is also one of Dubai’s best Egyptian restaurants. It is well-known for its delectable meals and courteous service. At Shatta, diners can choose from a wide variety of authentic Egyptian foods at reasonable prices.

Mr. Fish

Mr Fish is a fantastic Egyptian seafood restaurant in Dubai’s Al Nahda neighbourhood. The restaurant serves new seafood dishes in a relaxed atmosphere and professional service. Cooked chicken, salads, rice with fish, shrimp broth, and a variety of fresh juices and cold drinks are available for seafood lovers.


These are some of the best restaurants to get Egyptian food in Dubai. When you get Central Park City Walk Dubai apartments, you can enjoy easy access to these restaurants. Move to Dubai and fulfil your Egyptian food cravings!

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