How To Choose The Best Lighting For Your Wardrobe

How To Choose The Best Lighting For Your Wardrobe


The value of well-lit closets cannot be overstated. If you can’t see what you have in your closet, there’s no point in keeping it neat and tidy. If the area is poorly lit, there’s no point in arranging your clothes and other necessities by type or color.


However, there are aesthetic and security considerations to consider when choosing the best lighting for your closet. The variation between closet bliss and a real-life household disaster may hinge on your ability to determine which types work well.


However, assistance is at hand. The right lighting by a top LED stage par lighting manufacturer can make or break a closet or walk-in, and we’ll help you find the right fixtures for your closet. Light up your closet, no matter the dimensions, with the tips and tricks provided here.

1.  The Closet Should Not Have Halogen Lighting

Halogen lighting, a type of incandescent lighting, uses gas to boost the bulb’s lumen output, making it brighter. This makes it possible for compact halogen bulbs and lighting fixtures to generate a lot of light.


However, due to the extreme heat generated, these bulbs and fixtures are not recommended for use in small, enclosed spaces or anywhere they might come into contact with other materials. Although designers favor halogen lights for their compact size, the same aesthetic can be achieved with much cooler LED lights in similarly sized fixtures.

2.  Wired vs. Wireless

Control systems for closet lighting can be either hardwired or wireless. Wireless closet lighting eliminates the need to drill holes in walls and ceilings to connect new fixtures to the electrical system. You might want to visit website for this purpose.


Wireless lighting allows you to easily increase or decrease the amount of light in your closet without modifying any wall wirings. Depending on your needs, you can choose between battery-operated and rechargeable models.

3.  Discover the Appropriate Wattage

Depending on the shade of your cabinets and the amount of existing natural and ambient light in the room, you can achieve various effects by using different wattages of LED bulbs.


About 1.4 watts per foot, the light from a medium-intensity ribbon light can cast a subtle but noticeable radiance. Powerful 3-watt ribbons are ideal for use as under-the-clothes or task lighting.


By turning the light up or down, dimmers allow for even more individualized control. Based on the cabinet’s finish, a warm or cool LED can be chosen to complement the room’s colors and materials.

4.  Chat About Security

The closet lighting in most modern homes is subject to strict regulations, but many older homes fail to meet even the most basic safety standards. Explore your storage spaces; go on; we’ll wait. The incandescent light bulb is the first culprit. If you come across one of these, make sure to update it immediately.


There must be a complete enclosure around any incandescent light, whether it be a recessed light or a surface mount. If your closet has a fixture that is not fully enclosed, you should either replace it or cover it with a glass globe.

5.  Use Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Puck Lights

LED puck lights are compact and can be either round or oval in shape, providing focused illumination. You can use it as a decorative accent by installing it below shelves.


Also, onto the sides of your closet system to highlight your most prized possessions like shoes, bags, and folded clothing. Some closet puck lights can be dimmed to help you set the perfect mood.

6.  Test Out Some LED Stripe Lighting

Another great option for closet lighting is an LED strip. Adhesive-backed LED strip lights to make it easy to illuminate your dressing room. You can put them anywhere you want in your closet, from the ceiling to the floor to the interior of drawers and shelves or even beneath your glass dining table that you got from your favorite upholstered dining chairs factory.

7.  Hang Glow Sticks to Create an Ethereal Ambiance

String lights may not give off the brightest light, but they will certainly make your closet feel more whimsical and relaxing. It’s possible to find them in a wide range of hues and designs.


Either use a traditional strand of white LED bulbs or go for a more modern look with a cascade of multicolored lights. There is a wide range of sizes and forms to choose from. A string of battery-operated lights wound onto a wire could also be placed inside a mason jar. The options are limitless.

8.  When In Doubt, Get Help From The Experts

You may want to have a fixture wired into an electrical circuit for a larger closet, a frequently used closet, or a closet that houses important items. Always consult a licensed electrician before attempting any work involving live wires.


To avoid leaving the light on inadvertently, have an electrician install a brand-new fluorescent fixture on an existing circuit and wire a light-emitting diode (LED) switch outside the closet door.


Proper lighting can do wonders for the presentation of your wardrobe. In conclusion, lighting your closet artistically and with lighting design knowledge in accordance with electrical standard compliance will ensure your comfort and clarity of vision.

How To Choose The Best Lighting For Your Wardrobe

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