How to Create a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts

Want to entertain your kids with a great adventure made just for them? So feel free to create treasure Scavenger hunts and turn your house into a desert with hidden treasure… Your kids will become treasure hunters. In this article, I will show you how to create and organize a scavenger hunt for kids!
If you have children, you must have already heard the famous “I’m bored”! It’s what every parent dreads to hear and a daunting problem to solve.

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Send them on a clue hunt.

With the clues in place, it’s time to gather the kids, put on the costumes (if needed), and explain the rules and boundaries.

Scavenger hunts work best with six kids (or less). You can break up a large group into smaller teams and do several small scavenger hunts to minimize chaos.

Another tip with a large group: set your scavenger hunt outdoors with plenty of room where they can move between locations and stay in groups to read the clue.

To keep the game fair and fun (and prevent the child who reads the fastest or best from finding or reading each clue first), help young children read the clues aloud. Have older children take turns reading the clues aloud and brainstorming before finding the next place.

Encourage kids to work together and help teammates, so everyone has fun. Scavenger hunts are an excellent way to collaborate and teamwork.

Encourage your treasure hunters as they move from one clue to the next, and help them out if they get stuck. But make sure you let them think for themselves as much as possible and play the game at their own pace. If they need help with a clue, give them little hints until they find the answer. You can also play “Hot and Cold” if your kids struggle to find a clue. Say “hotter, hotter, warmer” as you get closer or “colder, colder” as you get farther away.

No matter how obvious the answers may seem, resist the urge to point out clues, solve puzzles, or tell kids where to go. Part of the fun of a scavenger hunt is the difficulty of maintaining it alone.

When your treasure hunters solve the last clue, reach their destination, and find their fabulous treasure, be there to congratulate them and celebrate with them. And now that you know how to create a scavenger hunt for kids, you can start planning the next one!

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A few final thoughts

You can be as creative as you want to create a scavenger hunt. You can do this outside, inside (great for rainy days), outside and inside, in your neighborhood, or in a park. And the theme possibilities are endless for endless fun.

Tip: Keep all the clues and ideas for your treasure hunt in a folder, file, or notebook. Sometimes you can remake what you prefer!

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Scavenger hunts are real adventures for kids because they’re fun and exciting, something you and your kids create and play with, and the hunts can be customized to the tastes and age levels of everyone involved.

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