How to Give Your Spa or Salon a Social Media Makeover

Social Media Makeover

Nothing beats a makeover to revitalize your spa or salon’s online image. Whether you operate a stand-alone business, a hotel, or a bed & breakfast, revitalizing your social media channels can boost interaction and expand your customer base. Giving your social media profiles a makeover can make a significant difference, if your social network accounts are essentially inactive, disliked, or you simply feel like trying something new. For a salon to be profitable, it must constantly attract new customers. But that is also the challenging part. To begin with, it’s not always simple to grab potential customers’ interest. Additionally, customers who have been coming to the same salon for years won’t try a new one until it meets their needs. Hence, a social media makeover and sound social media planning will be of great help to you.

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Unique Salon Marketing a Makeover

Luxury spas and salons with substantial marketing resources are not the only ones who should use social media marketing. Even the smallest spa companies may dominate social media and outperform their rivals if they adhere to a few guidelines.

Curious about where to begin? Start by ensuring that all of your profiles contain accurate information about your company and the most recent images.

Following that, here are a few ideas to help you give your spa or salon a social media makeover.

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Recognize your target market

To attract customers, you must first understand who they are, what they enjoy, and what they want. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the market and your target audience. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to provide the appropriate content for them.

You could conduct surveys or interview some of your target customers to know about them. Additionally, you can utilize social media tools to monitor what people are saying online and see if any trends could benefit your company. Identify your target audience and the emotions you wish to evoke in them.

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Establish the character of your company

Establishing your personality is the next step after identifying your target audience. What is the personality of your spa or salon? Is it luxurious and classy, or is it a little more fun and enjoyable? You can start posting once you determine what kind of spa or salon you are.

Your brand’s foundation is built on knowing your audience and developing your personality. You can use it as guidance for how you communicate and what you post.

Establish Your Brand

Focus on developing your brand once you have a clear understanding of your target market and customers. What differentiates your hair salon from the competition? Why should your clients pick you? These may be a few queries that might assist you in developing a great brand identity.

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Take this as a case study. A hair salon that caters to customers who are environmentally aware would try to use environmentally friendly equipment. This could help the salon stand out as a cruelty-free brand.

Possess an appealing online profile

The first thing that potential consumers will see when visiting your spa or salon is its online profile, therefore it must be impeccable.

  • Include a visually appealing profile picture and cover photo. These images might be of your team, company, logo, or current promotions.
  • To maintain a consistent and identifiable brand across all of your platforms, think about using the same cover photo.
  • Change the description of your company to something concise and compelling. 
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Manage and Respond to Reviews

It’s time to start reacting to customer comments, postings, and inquiries on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp. If you have an online presence, you should be ready for reviews, both positive and negative. 

Of course, it’s simple to respond to favorable comments. But, when dealing with negative comments, it’s crucial to accept the problem and exercise diplomacy rather than getting defensive. Reviews give potential customers trustworthy feedback. Therefore, having a generally favorable rating is crucial.

Alter your approach

If you’re comfortable with social media but your content isn’t receiving many online interactions from clients and prospects, you might want to think about changing your posting strategy. Follow a couple of these ideas when you change up your posting approach to keep your audience interested:

  1. You can repost customer-posted content about your spa with their consent.
  2. Create shoppable Instagram Stories to increase conversions through social media marketing.
  3. Educational video demos and tutorials can assist you in showcasing your expertise on social media. As a result of seeing your work, they’ll probably enter your spa with more confidence.
  4. Polls, ask-me-anything sessions, and interactive games and puzzles are easy yet powerful ways to get your followers talking.
  5. If you have a reasonable marketing budget, engage in retargeting advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. You can use these advertisements to retarget visitors who have previously visited your pages or website with enticing offers.
  6. On social media, contests are extremely popular. They are less expensive, entertaining, and fun. You can run social-only contests by placing your products.
  7. By promoting your sales on social channels, you can reach, engage, and convert them efficiently. Using Instagram’s “Swipe-Up” feature, you may link users to landing sites where they can shop. 
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Bonus Tip: 

It can be difficult to constantly be at the front of clients’ minds when starting to give your spa or salon a social media makeover. Your customer consultation appointments shouldn’t be hampered by this. To manage your appointments for that, you need a virtual tool. Many budding entrepreneurs use the free online appointment scheduler for a spa salon known as Picktime.

Picktime enables you to design a personalized booking page with unique intake forms. Customers can easily access a booking page if you include the “Book now” button on your website and social media profiles. As a result, customers can now easily set up appointments with your company round the clock. It also helps you send an automated email or SMS alerts so that no customer misses an appointment.

To conclude,

The ideas listed above should assist you in deciding how to give your spa or salon a social media makeover. Take cues from your socially aware competitors if you’re unsure of which methods to employ first. Determine the strategies that are producing the most engagement for them. Also, prioritize strategies that will enable you to achieve your marketing goals.

Schedule time to update your profiles and posts frequently. This will help you in maintaining a fresh digital presence. And will help you entice your audience to visit your spa or salon the next time they require a facial, massage, or blowout.

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