How to Maintain a Toupee Custom Hair System

custom hair system

If you have never tried a hair system before, you might want to start with a stock hairpiece. This way, you can become accustomed to wearing the hair system, taking it out, and maintaining it. If you don’t have the money or time to create a custom hair system, stock hairpieces will do the trick. And they’re much less expensive! And they’ll look good on you, too! Just remember, though, that custom hairpieces are not for everyone.


A Toupee custom hair system is an excellent nonsurgical solution for covering bald spots and receding hairlines. These systems are made to mimic natural hair and are individually created for each client. The process is comfortable and ensures that the system fits perfectly. Depending on the desired look, a toupee can be customized to match the color, density and size of the client’s hair. A toupee custom hair system may be fitted with any type of wig comb to mimic the natural hair of the patient.

A Toupee custom hair system can be manufactured for both men and women. A women’s hair system can have lesser hair density to instantly add volume. Hair color can also be customized based on any hair sample. It can be matched to the original hair color of the client. The base cap of a women’s hair system is a highly complex design. A French lace front is included for a natural feel, while PU coating is used all around to reinforce the system. Chinese virgin hair is used to further enhance the appearance.

Lace base

The first step in maintaining your lace base hair system is to ensure that the adhesive on the lace is secure and free from any snags. If the adhesive is not firmly attached to the lace base, it could easily tear and fray. You can use lace release to remove glue from the lace by spraying it on the hair side of the system. This solution works well for removing the remaining adhesive and letting the lace reattach.

A lace base hair system is the most natural-looking of the three types available. The lace is virtually undetectable and allows your scalp to breathe. However, the lace base may only last a year or two with proper care. Polyurethane bases look more realistic but do not breathe well. Both lace and skin base custom hair system are attached with adhesive or tape to the scalp. These types of systems will require regular replacement.

Silk base

A custom hair system is a type of human hair replacement that is injected into a system to make it look more natural. The hair is tied into the system and angled so that the system looks natural. Different types of bases have different ways to create that natural look, but they all share a common goal – to mimic the natural look of the wearer. Silk is used as the base in some hair replacement systems, but it’s not the only option. In some cases, a poly base is used instead.

A silk base for a custom hair system will make the wearer’s scalp appear more realistic and natural. The cap will fit comfortably and not cause any rashes. It is ideal for men with sensitive scalps, as it provides adequate coverage without irritating the scalp. Silk top hair systems are also more comfortable and natural looking than other materials, so they are often preferred over synthetic hair systems. A lace or silk base is a great option if you have a sensitive scalp, and are a more comfortable option.


When it comes to creating a custom hair system, the first thing to know is that not everyone can wear the same type of system. Not only do the hair systems come in many different colors and styles, but they can also be quite expensive. The best way to avoid spending a fortune on the system is to try it out first. This article will provide you with some tips for making the purchase. Hopefully, this information will help you find the perfect hair system for you.

A hair system can be clipped on to your own hair, and can be worn for a couple of hours a day. Clips are available in different colors, including brown, black, and skin tone. You can also find various glues for your hair system on the Planet of Hair Cloning website. The ultra hold glue is one of the most popular types, as it offers an ultra strong bond with little to no irritation.

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