How to prevent your Apple Products from Heating up?

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Apple products last longer and are considered super speedy usability-wise. Some device care tips work for all sorts of iPhones, Androids, Macs, and iPads because all come under the same category of modern technology. Here is a quick list of preventions to look for when your iPhones and iPads start heating up.

Avoid Exposure to Heat

Never let your devices be near stoves and microwaves or place them on washing machines or refrigerators. Avoid all kitchen-related activities with iPhones and other cell phones at all times. Similarly, wearing an Apple Watch is cool, but exposure to heat while cooking will alternately heat it to dangerous levels. Such a continuous heat source can even result in a blast of the iPhone’s battery or melt the CPU and create permanent internal destruction. A cell phone repair becomes the only option in this case.


Set a time limit when charging Apple watch or iPhone. Overcharging results in heating the device and slowing down its efficiency. The device already multitasks with hundreds of processing applications; overcharging exceeds that respective bearing range and perilously burns up the iPhone. Similarly, the iPhone requires a power bank device when apps such as Snapchat and Instagram drain the cellphone’s battery. However, overcharging the iPhone through the power bank 24/7 can also lead to battery swelling and overheating the device for a longer time. Reduce excessive charge or uninstall other heavier apps to lighten the burden on the iPhone.

Charging with Busted Cable

Avoid the chargers and Lightning cables with naked wires or spark up upon plug-in. iPhone users often tape charging cables due to poor usage and accessory-care habits. Such charging cables can burden the device with slow current passing through the cable, taking a long time to charge and overheating it. Broken cables are also risky due to unpredictable shocks, especially in a house of children. Always purchase two extra cables of the model purchased to avoid slow charging through broken cables. Phone repair experts from credible sites like Techy often advise keeping a few additional iPhone accessories at hand.

Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Picnics and beach Sundays are pure love but not with the negligence of your devices out in the Sun in the open air. The heat and humidity overheat the iPhone and iPad rapidly, and it takes a while to get the machines to cool down. Sudden heat and cooling environments are also not safe for the device.

Immediate Tricks to Implement When Device Overheated

Take off the iPhone’s or iPad’s cover immediately and fan it down. Do not put it in the freezer with the intention of faster cooling! Close all apps, lower the brightness levels and turn the phone off. Charge it again when the battery completely drains out. Turn power saving mode off and on after the restart. Delete a few files and transfer some media to iCloud or your iMac.

If the Apple device keeps heating up after all these simple tricks, seek help online from trustworthy websites such as for immediate iPhone repair or iPad repair as required.

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