How to Securely Contact Motherboard?

How to Securely Contact Motherboard?

Here are all of the ways you could safely and anonymously ship us information recommendations and files Do you’ve got a tip you observed we have to chase? Please attain out! If you do no longer require anonymity or encryption, you could attain out to us via traditional pcdiscover strategies: We are available thru electronic mail at editor@motherboard.Television. For man or woman emails and Twitter, take a look at out our About Motherboard web page.

Do you’ve got a sensitive record that you agree with have to be posted? Do you have got facts that wishes to get out? If you do require anonymity or encryption, read on:

Here at Motherboard we offer numerous approaches as a way to ship us statistics securely and anonymously. We treat the security and confidentiality of our sources as a top priority, so we need to make certain you already know what channel is great to guard yourself, and a way to use it efficaciously.

Whether you’ve got info on a spying application at a Silicon Valley company, a tip on how medical doctors are scamming the system, an internal government corporation memo that human beings have to pcdiscover realize approximately, a duplicate of an anti-variety memo penned by means of an worker at a massive tech employer, or anything else you suspect we need to recognise, you need to get in touch with us.

Our foremost goal is to provide well-mentioned, contextualized, and in-depth journalism about the public hobby.

Here are the most comfortable methods you can send us a tip or a report.


Motherboard and VICE offer an anonymous whistleblower submission gadget referred to as SecureDrop. This machine offers notable protection and anonymity if used efficiently, however it does require you to follow its commands very cautiously.


Our SecureDrop can handiest be accessed thru the Tor network, which permits you to surf the net without revealing your proper location, IP deal with, or other facts that might probably reveal your identification. Your communications may be encrypted and the usage of this machine gives a higher diploma of security over everyday e mail.

Although the usage of SecureDrop affords a far better diploma of protection over regular digital communications, no system or generation can offer best safety. pcdiscover should be aware about different risks: If your pc has malware on it or you’re being recorded via CCTV, your anonymity could be compromised.

When using SecureDrop, we propose the usage of a public Wi-Fi community, like at a restaurant or library, in place of a frequently used network like your home or workplace. Tor protects your identification from the sites you go to, but a effective adversary might be able to correlate the timing of the source’s home utilization of Tor, plus the timing of the leak.

So if you use your own home or paintings net connection, you may reveal clues which you are a whistleblower or leaker. pcdiscover Never under any situations use your work laptop, or a non-public computer linked in your work community, to get entry to SecureDrop.

Here’s how to use SecureDrop:

Here’s how to use SecureDrop

Download and installation the Tor Browser Bundle from https://www.Torproject.Org. This will assist you to visit our SecureDrop web page, which operates as a Tor “Onion Service” and isn’t always handy through trendy net browsers.

To access our SecureDrop page, open the Tor Browser and sort this into the deal with bar:

You could be given a codename that you may use to log back in and take a look at for responses inside the destiny in case you need to hold contact.

Do now not talk or make any point out of being a whistleblower, Tor, or SecureDrop to all and sundry.

If you need to obtain a respond or preserve speaking with us, log back in and notice if you have any new messages. Please be aware: SecureDrop is a slower form of communication than other methods, so that you won’t acquire a message without delay.

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