How To Shave Your Face: A Step-By-Step Guide For Men

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How To Shave Your Face?

Man shaving in the bathroom. Man shaving in the bathroom. shave face stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

1. Set up Your Face
For an ideal shave, your skin should be ready for the razor. Additionally, your beard needs to mellow. A hot shower can get you this ideal outcome. It will likewise clear off the soil and oil from your skin pores. Utilizing a pre shave oil with regular fixings will additionally assist with mellowing your facial hair.

2. Pick A Shaving Cream

Young man shaving in the bathroom in the morning, daily routine. A young man shaving in the bathroom in the morning, a daily routine. shave face stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
Shaving cream is an unquestionable necessity for a solid and wonderful shaving meeting. Go for a shaving cream that has regular fixings and suits your skin type. Keep away from compound based creams as they might aggravate your skin. Never attempt to dry shave all over. It will cause tingling and redness. Apply the shaving cream equitably on your facial hair with a brush and afterward eliminate the facial hair utilizing a razor. You can utilize a shaving gel as well.[1]

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3. Pick A Razor
You can pick between a solitary sharp edge, twin-edge or a multi-sharp edge razor. Guarantee that you are open to utilizing the device and that it has a sharp edge. You can likewise go for an electric razor or an expendable one, contingent upon your inclinations.

4. Razor Strokes
Utilize the razor toward your hair development. It won’t simply make your shaving more straightforward yet additionally forestall cuts and wounds. Try not to apply a lot of strain while taking the strokes. Hold the razor gently and coast it over your skin to eliminate the beard. Ensure your razor is spotless before you use it. Wash your razor with warm water after use.

5. Rehash Shaving
After the primary razor use, flush your face with water. Presently rehash shaving on the generally spotless skin to get a smoother skin. Coast the razor the other way of your hair development. In the event that you are utilizing an expendable razor, don’t involve it for multiple times. Then again, you can change your standard extremely sharp steel’s after each 6-7 shaves.

6.Use After Shave
Whenever you are finished cleaning your face with cold water, utilize a post-shaving astringent to calm your skin. Facial cleanser salve or gel will shield your skin from bacterial contamination, skin disturbance, irritation and redness.

Simple Shaving Tips For Men

1. Peel your face prior to shaving. It will eliminate all the soil and dead skin cells from your skin pores and give you a superior shaving experience.

2. Really look at your disposable cutter prior to utilizing it. On the off chance that the extremely sharp steel’s is dull and old, dispose of it. Utilizing such an edge might cause skin issues like moles and folliculitis.[2]

3. Utilize a delicate fiber brush to apply the shaving cream to your face. Try not to utilize a hard fiber brush, as it can cause cuts.

4. Remember to apply sunscreen when you go out subsequent to saving. Skin will in general turn out to be more delicate after shaving.[3] Applying sunscreen can assist with staying away from skin rashes brought about by openness to sun.

5. As skin becomes dry subsequent to shaving, apply a cream in the wake of shaving your face.

6. Try not to apply liquor or substance put together facial cleanser with respect to your face as these can make your skin dry.

7. Set aside some margin to shave your face. A rushed shave might lead you to harm yourself while shaving.

8. Store your razor in a dry spot between shaving meetings. This will forestall the development of microbes on the razor.

What Are The Side Effects Of Shaving Facial Hair?

1. Ingrown Hair Formation
Numerous men get ingrown hair in the wake of shaving. Normally, the terminal hair of your face is thicker than the remainder of your face. Shaving the terminal hair prompts higher possibilities of ingrown hair arrangement. Ingrown hair follicles, later on, lead to excruciating bumps.[4]

2. Skin Damage
Shaving makes your skin delicate overall. You might feel delicacy subsequent to shaving. Likewise, during a shaving meeting, you can get cuts and wounds which might harm your skin. [5] If not done as expected, shaving can likewise demolish your skin break out.

3. Dryness
On the off chance that you don’t saturate your skin after a shaving meeting, your skin will turn out to be very dry and dull. This might prompt irritation too.

How To Take Care Of Your Facial Hair?

1. Purge Your Beard
Wash your facial hair consistently to dispose of the soil, residue and dead skin cells from your skin and facial hair. Utilize a cleanser to clean your facial hair. It would be very much like a customary hair wash.

2. Use Conditioner
Apply conditioner just in the wake of washing your facial hair. It will hydrate your beard and keep it saturated.

3. Facial hair Oil
Use facial hair oil to help facial hair development. Facial hair oil will saturate your facial hair and mellow the stubble.

4. Use non-comedogenic items
Pick your skincare items astutely. Anything skincare item you use for your skin, it additionally contacts your facial hair. Thus pick items that suit your skin type. Likewise pick items that are non-comedogenic to keep away from any sort of hypersensitive responses.

5. Trim Your Beard
While you wouldn’t need a clean-cut look constantly, picking a trim can give you a very much prepped look.

How Often Should You Shave Your Face?

On the off chance that you are pulling for a clean-cut look, shave your face each a few days. If not, you can sit tight for three to five days for shaving. To grow a completely mature facial hair growth, skip shaving for a little while.

When Is The Best Time To Shave Your Face?

The best opportunity to shave your face is after a warm shower. The shower will make your hair delicate and you will find it more straightforward to shave the relaxed hair. You can likewise shave your face during the shower.

Should Men Shave Their Faces Up Or Down? Also, Why?

Facial skin is touchy. Shaving beard growth frequently causes razor consume, ingrown hair, skin bothering and a ton of other skin issues. Hence, specialists prescribe shaving in the downwards course to keep away from any such issues.

Wrapping Up


Wonderful shaving isn’t exactly an enormous undertaking. All you want is the information and consideration. Group up the most ideal items for your shaving and start to give that facial hair of yours a great look. Best of Luck!


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