How to Spot 5 Star Dental Patient Reviews

5 star dental patient reviews

Despite what some people might think, 5 star dental patient reviews are not always real. Some fakes may have a history of false reviews or have a high number of 5 star reviews. Fortunately, there are ways to spot fake reviews and to prevent them from being posted on your website. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your patients are getting the best experience possible.

Five-star experiences

A great customer service experience is crucial to gaining and keeping patients. Patients who are happy and satisfied with their dental treatment are more likely to refer others and write five-star reviews. A good customer service experience also helps dental practices build a reputation that is well-known by patients and potential patients.

Dental practices that provide five-star customer service are seen as better quality than others, and they attract and keep patients longer. They also have higher patient retention rates and accept more cases than their competition.

Automated online review requests

Dental practices can benefit from automated online review requests for patients. These messages are sent out after an appointment, and they allow patients to leave feedback immediately. The best time to send these messages is between six and eight p.m. People are more likely to write a review immediately after a dental visit than several days after. Patients can also opt out of receiving automated messages if they do not wish to receive them.

Manual review requests can take time, which leads to a low response rate and frustration among staff. Automated online review requests can save your front office staff time and ensure that every satisfied customer is asked to leave a review. Automated review requests have been shown to improve response rates by up to 70 percent.

Building a patient-friendly communication system

Building a patient-friendly communication system is essential to a successful dental practice. It helps dental practices improve communication with patients, which in turn increases patient satisfaction. According to a study, patients associate the quality of care provided by a dental practice with its ability to communicate effectively. The ability to communicate with patients effectively also helps dental practices reduce no-show appointments and improve the overall patient experience. Moreover, a good patient communication system also streamlines payment processing and simplifies the review process.

A patient-friendly communication system also helps dentists educate their patients. For example, they can show patients X-rays on tablets and answer their questions better. A cloud-based dental software with robust EHR functionality is ideal for this purpose. It also allows the dental team to share patient histories and treatment options with patients.

Fake 5-star reviews

Fake 5 star dental patient reviews can damage your reputation online. The problem with fake reviews is that many people look at only a few of them, and they may not even be related to your dental practice. Moreover, these fake reviews can be posted from a variety of websites, and they can have an adverse impact on your reputation. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to combat this problem.

First, assess the fake review. If you notice that the review is based on an opinion that you disagree with, try to make your patient feel more comfortable. However, be aware that you may be breaking HIPAA regulations if you respond publicly to a fake review. Doing so may result in disciplinary action. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid discussing individual patient experiences in public.

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