How to Use Hair Masks to Achieve (And Maintain) Healthy Hair

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When you have healthy hair, it’s like living in a fairy tale. You never have to worry about split ends or frizz, and your hair is always soft and shiny. The key to keeping this kind of magic flowing through your locks? Hair masks. Hair masks are easy enough that even the laziest among us can handle them! In this post, I’ll show you how to use them, why they’re so good for hair health, and how often (if ever) you should consider making one at home instead of buying one in store.

Determine what your hair’s needs are.

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Before you get started with a hair mask, you’ll need to determine what your hair’s needs are. There are different types of masks for every kind of hair: dry, oily, damaged or otherwise neglected. If you aren’t sure which kind of mask would be best for your hair type, ask your stylist or do some research online.
There are also several factors to consider when choosing a mask: how often will I use it? How long should I leave it on? What ingredients should I look for in each ingredient list?

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Use a hair mask once a week.

You should use a hair mask once a week. This can be more or less depending on your hair type and how often it needs attention. If you have colored, bleached or damaged hair and need to condition it every time after washing, then going for weekly masks might be the best option for you.

Apply the mask to damp hair—not dry or wet.

One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t want to apply the mask on dry hair. Dry hair will soak up too much of the product and make it less effective. You also don’t want to apply a mask on wet hair, since it’s likely too saturated with water for any additional product to make an impact.
The best way to go about this is by first washing your hair with a mild shampoo, then towel-drying it until damp but not dripping wet—this could take anywhere from five minutes (if you have very short hair) up to 20 minutes (if you have long or thick mane). Then apply your mask as usual!

Massage the mask into the scalp.

In the same way that you would massage a face mask into your skin, it’s important to massage in hair masks as well. Applying the product with your hands is an effective way to distribute the ingredients and stimulate the scalp.
The process of massaging your scalp is also known as reflexology, which helps increase blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulate them with oxygen. This can be especially helpful if you have dry or damaged hair that’s lacking in nutrients or moisture.”

Let it sit for 20 minutes.

Now it’s time to let your hair mask sit. Depending on what kind of mask you’re using, the length of time will vary.
For example, some masks might instruct you to leave them in for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Others may suggest a specific amount of time for different parts of your head (like longer if you have long hair, shorter if you have short).
However long or short it is supposed to be left on, 20 minutes is usually a good guideline—and that’s what we recommend here too! If your hair is very short and fine like mine (or even if not), then maybe try leaving it in for less than 20 minutes; otherwise go ahead and leave it on as long as recommended.

Rinse your hair thoroughly.

Rinse your hair thoroughly to get rid of all the hair mask product. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb through your hair and remove any tangles. Rinse with cold water, since hot or warm water can dry out your strands and leave them frizzy.
After rinsing, apply a moisturizing conditioner that’s right for your hair type (that is, normal/dry or oily). Leave it on for three minutes so that it can do its job of sealing in moisture. Then rinse again with cold water before patting dry with a towel (never rub!). Apply more conditioner if needed as you run a wide-tooth comb through; this will help prevent breakage later on down the line when too much moisture has been removed from the strands during washing sessions!

Hair masks are an easy and effective way to give yourself a mini spa treatment every week

A hair mask is a great way to give yourself a mini spa treatment every week. They’re easy to use, effective, and offer the added benefit of being something that you can do while watching your favorite TV show or reading a book. In other words, it’s the perfect activity for unwinding after a long day!


In this blog post, we’ve gone over the basics of hair masks and how to use them. Hopefully, you now know more about what kind of mask is best for you and your hair type. We’ve also shared some tips on how best to apply and rinse out your new product! As always, remember that this process isn’t just about getting great results—it should be fun too! So go ahead: treat yourself by trying one out today!

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