Important Things You Need To Know About 6-Week Ultrasound

Important Things You Need To Know About 6-Week Ultrasound

At six weeks pregnant, everything can still seem a little strange. Being a mom is new and exciting, but it’s also a bit scary. Many moms can’t wait for their 6-week ultrasound because it makes them feel better. Most of the time, this is the earliest you will have an ultrasound because the sonogram doesn’t show much before this point. Most doctors won’t do an ultrasound until the baby is 12 weeks old.

Everything To Know About Ultrasounds

Okay, you probably know that your baby will be shown on a screen during an ultrasound, and some goop will be rubbed on your stomach, but you might not know what else happens during an ultrasound appointment. First, many doctors won’t even see you until you’re 8 or 9 weeks along. Even though it’s hard to wait this long, you’ll be able to see a lot more by now. We’ve put together some information to help you prepare for your first ultrasound, whether at week 6 or week 9.

The procedure is called an ultrasound; the picture it makes is called a sonogram. A scan of your abdomen and pelvic area is called an ultrasound. At six weeks, a lot of women get a vaginal ultrasound. Don’t be shocked if your doctor tells you to do this. It’s important to know that ultrasounds are not x-rays and are entirely safe. It doesn’t hurt you and usually only takes 15–30 minutes. When you get an ultrasound, it’s fun to see your baby and find out if you’re having a boy or a girl. But what makes ultrasounds so important is letting your doctor see how your baby is growing and changing. You can use them to check your baby’s heartbeat, figure out when they will be born, and keep track of a wide range of medical milestones.

What To Know About The 6-Week Ultrasound

What The Appointment Is All About

Even if your doctor doesn’t tell you to, it’s best to have a full bladder when you go in for an ultrasound. They say it helps the technician see your baby and reproductive organs more clearly. About an hour before your meeting, drink two to four cups. Try as hard as you can not to go to the bathroom until the appointment ends.

You’ll lie on the exam room bed, and the tech will rub a water-based gel on your stomach. So, you should wear something comfortable and easy to pull up, but the gel won’t hurt your clothes. You can wear any of these comfy leggings with an oversized t-shirt.

What You May Look 

Don’t be upset if you don’t see much or if the images from the sonogram aren’t clear. A 6-week ultrasound is very early, and your baby will be checked on again later. You shouldn’t worry if the doctor can’t find what they’re looking for either. 

Most of the time, your doctor will find the foetal pole or the foetal heartbeat at a 6-week ultrasound. This is very exciting and something to look forward to!

Fun fact: the doctor and you will be able to see on this early ultrasound if you are pregnant with more than one baby. They each have their distinct gestational sacs.

After this one, you can also go for a 7-week ultrasound to check your baby’s growth.

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