Best Analytics Apps for Instagram


Best Analytics Apps: Instagram

Even after completing all the steps needed click here to develop an effective Instagram marketing strategy for your business’s presence through Instagram (IG), your marketing efforts aren’t producing the results you’d like. It’s time to take a review of your Instagram analysis.

Analytics on Instagram can assist you in understanding your audience’s behavior patterns and habits and even break down the demographics of your followers. If you utilize this information well, you’ll be in a position to alter your Instagram content and marketing strategies to target the correct people.

There are ways to get your analytics on Instagram. Still, an analytics application from a third party could better suit your needs for those who want a more thorough look at specific metrics and assistance in finding active solutions.

Your business’s brand and image are distinctive, as are the goals you’re trying to attain. You’ll require an analytics tool that meets your requirements and, most importantly it, makes life simpler for you. Below, we’ve assembled the top eight apps for analytics to begin your journey.


How to get Insights on Instagram

The ability to access your Instagram account’s statistics is simple. If you’ve got a Business or Creator account with Instagram, you’ll be able to get access to Insights within the application.

To switch the account you have on your Instagram account into a Creator or Business account, visit your Instagram profile page, and tap the menu button located in the upper right-hand corner. (It will look like three horizontal dots).


A menu will open. Click Get Insights to the menu

Follow Instagram’s instructions from there. Choose the category you would like your Instagram account linked to. Then, select if you would like the account viewed as a creator or a Business. After clicking Next, you can complete the change.

Once you’ve changed the account on your Instagram account into a Creator or Business account, you can go back to your profile and select”Professional Dashboard. “Professional Dashboard” banner at the top.

You will be taken into your Account’s Insight reports. If you’d like to view more specific specifications, You can click View all.


Instagram insights

Utilizing Instagram Insights Instagram Insights tool, it is possible to see details such as:


  • What is the age group of people most interested in your posts?
  • Which part of the world is your content gets the greatest attention?
  • How many followers have you gained or lost
  • How many of your accounts have you reached?
  • How many users can click on the profile or look at your profile?
  • The insight for each post Reels, individual posts, and videos

Best analytics free apps for Instagram

Its Instagram Insights tool can be a fantastic way to monitor the most important KPIs. (KPIs) However, other third-party applications provide you with more detailed data. Below is a list of free analytics tools or offer trial trials for free to help you get up and running.



  • It is ideal for companies and brands that have many Instagram Accounts.

Instagram Analytics App

If you manage several IG accounts for your business or brand, it can be challenging to keep an eye on the metrics of each account. This is why Iconosquare can help. It lets you keep track of several IG accounts in one location. It also lets you plan posts and keeps an eye on your competitors.

One of the best tools Iconosquare provides is the Instagram audit. It will aid you in determining the things that aren’t working on your Instagram account and how you can improve it.

Price: Begin by registering for a free 30-day trial for $49/month (for an annual billing plan).



  • Instagram analytics app 2

If you’re having trouble achieving results with your blog posts but you’re not sure why the results vary, this could be because you don’t possess a solid understanding of who your customers are and what they enjoy. This is the reason why Squarelovin is into it.


Squarelovin is an excellent application that gives you an insight into how you can better understand your Instagram followers. It will give you a clearer picture of the interests of your followers and the time of day they’re the most engaged and the best way to increase engagement from your posts. All of this can help you create more regular engagement with your followers.

Price: Free.



  • Instagram analytics app 3

The challenge you may face is the constant search for new content. In social media marketing, it is essential to be consistent. However, Crowdfire is not just a source of analytical resources but provides articles and images from other websites that match your profile’s goals.

Crowdfire lets you analyze your current metrics period against previous ones. Crowdfire even lets you select and choose the most important metrics to you.

Cost: No charge for today’s day’s data. However, if you’d like to look back at the information, the price starts at $7.48/month (for an annual payment plan).



  • Instagram analytics app 4

Pixlee is a free tool for analytics that allows you to search for influencers on social media and other accounts posting about your business or brand. This will help your team and influencers develop more efficient marketing campaigns and see what users posting on social platforms are commenting on your business. Pixlee provides hashtag tracking and shareable reports that you can send out to your entire marketing team.

Cost: Free of charge.



  • Ideal for those who want to keep up with rivals.
  • Instagram Analytics app for free

Socialbakers allows you to assess how your Instagram accounts rank against peers. It provides you with an Instagram report that lets you know how you rank in your industry, so you’ll know what you should do to make improvements. This data can also help you because it will show you what your competition is doing well and how you can implement the strategies they employ to work for you.

Socialbakers also provides predictive analytics to help you decide which stories and posts you should share on Instagram and save you time and money–not to mention removing some of the uncertainty.

Price Trial for free, and then begins at $200/month.

Best paid analytics applications for Instagram

Budgets are naturally an issue. However, If you’re able to afford it, look into one of the paid apps listed below. They can provide you with more specific tools to aid you in focusing on your objectives.


Sprout Social

  • Best for marketers looking at long-term (big picture) growth.
  • Paid Instagram Analytics App

If you have a big idea to promote your brand or your business, Sprout Social is an application that is perfect for you. Although most apps provide thirty-day or ninety-day data, the Sprout Social’s Professional and Advanced plans offer two years of data on your profile. Additionally, it provides metrics on the most recent ten thousand posts you’ve made.

Price Starts at $89/month, after which it begins at $89/month (for an annual payment plan).


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