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Whether indoor or outdoor, we wear clothes that make us comfortable. Therefore, there is no compromise on a T-shirt’s quality and plushness. But which one is the “right” fabric? The answer is the one that provides you warmth on colder days and ventilation when it’s warm.

And what is better than knitted fabric? If you have comfort in mind, then they are the best option. Moreover, they are lightweight and affordable as well. Consequently, they make both great athletic and comfortable wear.

What is Knit Fabric?

The top feature of a knit fabric is that it is soft to the touch. Knit fabrics are elastic materials that are made from yarns that are interlocked by loops. The fabric can be knitted horizontally (weft knitting) and vertically (warp knitting).

In weft knitting, the stitched fabric moves from left to right and forms rows. Consequently, this type can be stitched manually or using a machine. In contrast, warp knitting is done by interlocked yarns that move vertically along the fabric. This type is made solely by machine. Both interlock and jersey fabric fall in the weft knitting category.

Interlock Fabric

A double-knit fabric, the interlock is sturdy and durable. The interlock fabric is a thick fabric that you can easily sew. Moreover, these fabrics are beginner friendly because they do not curl at the edges. It is indeed high-quality apparel that is also very reasonable!

Why not choose to buy interlock knitted clothes in bulk? Whether Gildan or Sport Tek apparel wholesale, the choice should be based on fabric durability and finesse design. Choose interlock fabric clothes when you want warmth and need to take it slow.


  • It is a soft and silky fabric that makes the wearer comfortable in their skin. Therefore, they make great baby wear.
  • It is breathable. Consequently, it provides good ventilation and efficiently wicks away moisture.
  • It is wear-resistant. Consequently, it can withstand the test of time.
  • One can quickly sew it to make several clothing items such as underwear, nightgowns, sweatshirts, etc.


  • It is usable only when it’s cold. Therefore, you can wear it only during winter.
  • It does not make for suitable stretchy clothing apparel such as leggings.
  • After several washes, the fabric can shrink considerably.

Jersey Fabric

A highly versatile fabric, Jersey makes suitable sportswear and casual wear. You can now find jerseys made from cotton, cotton blends, and synthetic fibers. Overall, jersey fabric is all-purpose from which several apparel items take shape.


  • It is a highly versatile fabric that is general-purpose. Moreover, it is a good fabric for form-fitted clothes such as leggings, skinny tops, etc.
  • It makes ideal base wear. Therefore, one can use it for layering.
  • It is highly absorbent and lightweight. Consequently, it is breathable and provides natural ventilation.
  • It has a nice drape.


  • Unlike an interlock fabric, it curls at ends when the material is cut.
  • It is not durable or provides insulation. As a result, one needs to wear extra clothes for warmth.
  • Because of the stretchy fabric, you cannot sew it easily.

Know the Difference

Even though the interlock and jersey knit fabric are weft knitting types, there is a considerable difference between them.

Interlock Knit Fabric Jersey Knit Fabric
It does not curl and lays flat when the fabric is cut. It curls at the ends when the fabric is cut.
It is the same on both sides. It is different on both sides.
It is heavier. The weight is about 150 GSM to 450 GSM. It is lightweight. The weight of a single jersey is about 100 GSM to 250 GSM.
It is not elastic or stretchy. It is a stretchy material. Therefore, it makes good sportswear.
It makes good children’s clothing. It makes suitable adult clothing.

How to Choose?

Ultimately, our purchase depends on our ability to afford a clothing item. Therefore, buy from a wholesaler to save some money! Choose Jerzees or Sport Tek apparel wholesale to fill your wardrobe with high-quality casual wear.

Both types of knitwear are easy to wear and highly versatile. However, both have different uses. Consequently, one kind of knitwear can take precedence over another kind based on the following factors:

1: Level of Comfort

If you want to wear something breathable and lightweight, then jersey fabric is the right option. Whereas, if you seek warmth during cold days, it should be the interlock knit fabric you choose. Ultimately, what matters is the level of comfort a clothing item provides you.

2: Type of Wear

Another deciding factor is the type of wear you are going for. If you are into sports and want suitable activewear apparel, then jersey fabric is the best option. However, if the winter has arrived, interlock clothes are right up your alley!

And remember to form “close-knit” ties with your loved ones by giving either fabric type as a souvenir!

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