Minimalistic bedroom ideas other than having a wooden bed

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What do you think is a minimalistic approach? You might be under the impression that a minimalistic approach means having no more than two or three things in the room. but it is a lot more than that. Following a minimalistic approach means having clean lines, a refined palette, and sober iterations.

When you go for too many furniture pieces in your wooden bed frame, there are more chances that you might go wrong. But this is not true in the case of a minimalist design. You might keep just a few things in the room other than your wooden bed and still make it look gorgeous and practical.

In case you are looking for some inspiration on how you can cut down the clutter and make your bedroom look stylish, here are some best ideas-

  1. Go for abstract painting

If you have a plain wall, you can dress it up with abstract paintings to give it more character. This is one of those elements that can instantly transform a room. You can make the artwork in the room the center of attraction of the room. This artwork will manage to tie the whole room together.

You can paint the room dark grey and keep the lamp shade next to the wooden bed frame. If you wish to add to the room’s charm, you can include a round rug on the floor. Here, you will notice that the effort is minimalistic but it is big on style.

  1. Earthy tones

Another way to do your bedroom using a minimalistic approach is that you should paint your room in earthy tones. You might be under the impression that white walls can go well with any shade, this is why you keep on adding a lot of clutter to the room without thinking that these items clash with each other.

This is not the right approach. If you flip through the pages of some of the best architectural magazines for the latest master bedroom designs, you will see that this minimalistic approach has a huge impact. You should add a simple wooden bed to your room and add just a few elements here.

Go for a refined earthy palette and lights on the walls. You can even go for a rustic-themed rug, wall art, and soft shades. All these things come in harmony with one another when placed together.

  1. Have a storage space in your wooden bed frame

Having storage space in any part of your house is always a good idea. You will hardly come across anyone who is against having storage spaces in the house. The more storage space, the better it is in modern times because people like to buy more and dump less.

You can add an extensive wardrobe, a portable shelf, or a cabinet in your bedroom to have some added space. You can even go for a modern wooden bed design that offers ample storage space underneath. Some beds also come with storage drawers and side tables to keep your extra stuff. This is a very practical and multifunctional approach.

  1. Go with grey

In 2022, grey is the most picked up shade when it comes to the bedroom. It makes your bedroom walls look trendy and sophisticated. This shade speaks of an elegant and modern taste. You can pair your bedroom walls with bright-toned curtains and even add plants to create a contrast in the room.

You can also have a printed pattern on the bed if you wish to add life to your room. This will also make your bed look unique and utterly stylish.

  1. Statement headboard

Since your bed is the main focal point in your wooden bed frame, you have to give some thought to your headboard. You can go for a gorgeous yet minimalistic headboard that could give your room a chic and sleek look. As mentioned above, you can even go for a grey headboard for your bed.

You can also extend the headboard and pair it with similar toned beds and duvets. You can also keep two lampshades on either side of the bed and go for an elegant rug that matches the theme of the headboard. You can even add a simple ledge over the headboard and decorate it using ceramic vases and pots. This will help you put together the whole look of the room.

To Sum It Up

Consider these minimalistic interior designs for your bedroom. You can take inspiration from here and create your little haven. Always remember that the minimalistic approach calls you to go for a simple or chic wooden bed and the rest of the elements in the room will follow. Think of your room in a large picture and then start doing it keeping the minimalistic approach in mind.

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