Motion Design, a Consistent Format for Communicating Internally

Motion Design, a Consistent Format for Communicating Internally

Internal communication plays a major role in the functioning of a company. It is an essential element that creates a link between the brand and its employees. In order to streamline the delivery of their message and improve the quality of their communication, many brands are now turning to motion design video to communicate internally by one of the best video companies near me.

Internal communication, a pillar for the company

Internal communication is the set of communication actions that are carried out within a company. It aims to convey a message to the employees of the company and is generally linked to human resources.

Indeed, internal communication has different objectives such as conveying the values ​​of the company or maintaining the link between each department and each employee.

Motion design, the ideal tool for internal communication

Video is an excellent tool for internal communication.

Indeed, this audiovisual format can just as easily transcribe key figures as tutor employees.

The motion design technique is perfectly suited to the objectives of internal communication. She can communicate easily on many topics related to the company: annual report, internal process, skills development…

Namely, the sequence deals with the subject as a whole and generally lasts between 3 and 5 minutes. Very visual, it allows a better understanding and a good assimilation of the message.

Motion design allows you to communicate remotely with your employees

Today, many companies seek to communicate effectively with their employees. The constant evolution of the market and the environmental impact push organizations to rethink their communications.

The internationalization of brands can also be an obstacle to the dissemination of information. Therefore, animated video in motion design becomes an ally of choice for quality internal communication.

For example, Groupe SEB aimed to promote the careers of its personnel. Thanks to motion design, the group was able to effectively present its internal process to all its employees in record time.

This film, produced by the Malevolent Mouse Productions, presents the project in an original and dynamic way.

Using motion design to present an internal process is possible!

When a company or an organization evolves, it must favor the information and the integration of its collaborators.

Professionals favor the use of the audiovisual format in motion design to communicate internally. The animation easily picks up the brand’s DNA based on its codes and values.

For example, the company BOFROST has chosen to inform its teams and future recruits about good practices in commercial prospecting via motion design video.

Improve your training materials with motion design

According to UNOW, 92% of HR decision-makers in France believe that digital training has become essential to the evolution of their company.

E-learning, a digital learning method, is based on various IT tools. Often associated with motion design, it allows you to learn differently, in a playful and explicit way.

Digitizing learning materials is a valuable time saver for companies. Indeed, the dissemination of the message will take minimal time for the company’s staff compared to the management and organization time required for training or face-to-face communication.

For example, the CHANEL company aimed to train its staff in the basics of video shooting. She had the production company near me produces a tutorial on the basics of filming for her collaborators.

As you will have understood, communicating via motion can be very advantageous for a company. Using a video agency specializing in motion design will help you communicate quickly and qualitatively internally.

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