My Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi router is flashing purple light continuously, why?

Orbi purple light

Is your Orbi router failing to sync with the satellite? If yes, then this is the reason that you are facing the Orbi purple light issue? Moreover, there are some other reasons also that a person has Orbi flashing purple light or Orbi blinking white light. Let us know some Basic causes for this problem.

Causes for Orbi flashing purple light error

  1. If you have not used your Orbi WIFI network for a long time
  2. Inactive devices with no internet for many days
  3. Damaged RJ45 Ethernet cable
  4. The router and the modem might not be attached properly.
  5. You may have done the wrong configurations and changes.

Why am I getting an Orbi purple light issue?

Here, in the below section of this article, we are giving some possible solutions so you can come out of the Orbi purple light issue.

  1. Always remember that the cables you are using should not be damaged.
  2. Never use a broken Ethernet cable.
  3. If you have not used your Orbi login devices for a long time, then firstly, reboot them.
  4. The Orbi router and satellite should be in their minimum proximity zone.
  5. Are the cables connected to the router and the modem ok?
  6. Then, remove the WIFI cables from the router and the modem.
  7. Turn them off for at least five seconds. After that, power the devices and log in.
  8. Orbi purple light issues will surely swipe away.
  9. Update the firmware of your login device.
  10. Resetting your device to factory default settings can also resolve the Orbi flashing purple light issue.

Troubleshooting tips for Orbi blinking white light issue

Are you getting Orbi flashing white light on your Orbi WIFI router? If yes, then be with us for five minutes. We will clear all your doubts related to Orbi’s blinking white light. In the below article, we have elaborated on the entire Orbi flashing white light issue with its causes and solution.

Causes for Orbi flashing orange

Orbi flashing orange or amber for 90 to 180 seconds means the connection between your router and the satellite is fair. It is not a good situation for your devices and the network. In this case, move your Orbi satellite a little closer to the router. Try to place the satellite near the electric outlet with your Orbi router.

Orbi blinking white light Solutions: –

Reboot the devices

  1. Reboot your Orbi router login device and the modem.
  2. Turn the electricity off and wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Now, turn the devices on, first the router and then the modem.
  4. Now turn the computer off. Remove its cables also.
  5. Leave it off for 30 seconds. And then, connect the WIFI cables to power it.
  6. Connect the computer to the LAN of the router via the internet cable.

Check the connection

  1. Connect your WIFI router and the computer via an Ethernet cable, not wirelessly.
  2. Remove data capping while login into your router.
  3. Follow the complete technical instruction on your router and the satellite.
  4. Never make any mistakes while entering the username, default orbi password and web URL.

Configure your LAN & WAN

  1. An ill-configured LAN and WAN connection cause Orbi to flash amber light.
  2. Remove the cables and then connect them back with a few precautions.
  3. Check your WAN ports. Clean it properly and then insert the Ethernet and power cables.
  4. If the Ethernet or power cables have been damaged, then get a new one.

Contact your ISP

As the last tool, call your internet service provider if you continuously get the Orbi blinking white light. Call and ask your ISP to provide solutions for this issue. You can even call us to know the cause and solution of your trouble. Leave a message in the below chat heads to get instant help.

Orbi pink light issues with troubleshooting tips

There can be several reasons behind the Orbi pink light on your router. First of all, know about the LED behaviours of your Orbi WIFI router. When you know all the LED lights and their indication, then you can troubleshoot them quickly. So, let us discuss the causes behind the Orbi pink light issue.

Causes for Orbi’s pink light

  • Poor placement of your Orbi satellite from the router is the common cause of this issue.
  • Too much-fluctuating internet network on your device.
  • Slow WIFI connection.
  • Sync failure of the satellite with the router.
  • Wear and tear on your internet connection.

How to resolve my Orbi blinking white light issue

  1. Disable the APN and antivirus features on your device.
  2. Change the old wires if you find them damaged.
  3. Reboot your Orbi router, modem and computer.
  4. Use a fast internet connection to log into your router.
  5. Place your Orbi satellite near the router.
  6. Place your router in the centre of your dining room or guest room.
  7. Update the firmware from the net official support site.
  8. You can easily log in your router just simply putting on your browser
  9. While doing Orbi login, clear the caches and bugs from your web browser.

Once done, turn the devices on and connect them to the electric outlet. Login to your device and check the power LED. If it is solid blue, then you have successfully resolved the Orbi flashing purple light issue. By chance, if you face problems during the Orbi login troubleshooting steps, call our customer care executives. They will help you by all means.


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