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Many individuals can’t function without their morning coffee, and a blinking Nespresso machine is the last thing they want to deal with first thing in the morning. Given the variety of complicated components used in coffee makers, finding the source of the problem can be difficult for some. This flashing light could be due to one of several typical issues with Nespresso machines. If your Nespresso Blinking orange light, try the most common troubleshooting steps listed below.

Your Machine is In Descale Mode

Nespresso machines frequently experience flashing lights because they have been mistakenly put through the descaling procedure. If the lights are blinking rapidly and staying that way for extended periods of time, descaling is most likely in progress and the user should follow the procedures to end the process.

For this problem, you need to press and hold the buttons that flash for around six seconds or until the machine beeps clearly. After this is done, the user can release the buttons, and the system will exit the descaling mode on its own. However, if this has not worked, the user should seek professional assistance because the underlying issue is either more complex or more serious.

Your Machine Is Warming Up

It’s possible that the Nespresso machine’s indicator light is blinking because it’s preheating. A user can expect this to occur when they have plugged in the device for the first time and once they have pressed either button. Once the necessary temperature is reached. The buttons will stop flashing and the corresponding cup size buttons will turn solid. At which point the user can select the desired cup size and the machine will begin brewing.

Block Capsule in Your Machine

A capsule getting stuck in the Nespresso machine is a rare but possible occurrence. There is no way for the machine to function at this point, thus a maintenance light goes on to warn the operator. If all of the above have been tried and the light is still flashing. The person should check to see if any of the capsules in the container have become clogg. The machine can be turned off and the capsule taken out if this is the case.


Decreased water supply is the last remaining potential problem with the Nespresso machine. When the water tank is empty, the machine will stop working and an indicator light will begin flashing. The light on the machine will automatically switch off after the water tank has been refill.

How to Fix Nespresso Machine Blinking Orange Light

The table above explains the many flashing warnings that may appear on the system. Therefore, we will need to learn to address all forms of blinking light alerts independently if we want to resolve these problems.

As a result, I’ll describe each approach separately so you can get the full picture. The first step is to identify the specific warning being display by your machine.

Nespresso Blinking Orange twice in a Second

If the orange light on the machine blinks twice every second, it has to be clean. Typically, this is due to a problem with the machine head’s barcode scanner. What should be done?

Method To Solve The Problem

  • The first step is to remove the capsule from the machine by opening the top of the device.
  • Then, unplug the device and use a balled-up paper towel to clean the rotating component inside the head and the capsule holder.
  • That’s the end of the discussion. It ought to resolve the problem. But this is not a comprehensive cleaning, just a quick one.
  • If you still have problems after trying the aforementioned solutions, you may want to descale or clean the machine.

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