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New Metro City

Economic overview of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the countries located in South Asia. It has a population of over 180 million and an area of 207,200 sq km. Pakistan is a nuclear-armed state and is a founding member of the United Nations. The economy of Pakistan is largely agricultural, with major exports being cotton, rice, wheat, and citrus fruits. The GDP growth rate in 2016 was 5%. The current inflation rate is 8%.

The exports sector is dominated by textiles, food items, precious stones and metals while other major export earners are machinery and electrical equipment. The imports sector includes petroleum products, machinery and equipment as well as consumer goods. The foreign debt-to-GDP ratio was 47% in 2017. Major donors to Pakistan’s development include the World Bank, China Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank.

There are many investment opportunities in Pakistan including energy production (particularly oil and gas), infrastructure development (particularly road construction), telecommunication services, health care services and manufacturing.

New Metro City housing society

Metro City is a new housing society launched in Gujar Khan, Pakistan in early 2017. The society offers quality and affordable homes within easy reach of the city’s businesses and attractions.

Layout and design: Metro City was designed with contemporary aesthetics in mind, with high-quality finishes and well-maintained grounds. Homes are spacious and come with all the modern amenities, including air conditioning and fully fitted kitchens. There’s also plenty of communal space to interact and share ideas with neighbours.

Real estate: Metro City is definitely one of the most attractive societies on the market. Prices start at PKR 350,000 for a two-bedroom home, and range up to PKR 1 million for a seven-bedroom villa. There are also a number of prestige options available, perfect for those looking for something extra special.

Location: New Metro City is located close to all the action in Gujar Khan. It’s just a short walk from shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues. Plus, the area is well connected by public transport so you can get around easily no matter where you are in the city.

Features: Metro City has everything you need to create a comfortable home away from home

Tab City Rawalpindi housing society

When it comes to finding the best societies to invest in Pakistan, Tab City Rawalpindi is a top contender. This housing society offers impressive amenities and an excellent location in the city. Plus, the management team is highly experienced and committed to providing quality services to its residents. If you’re looking for a safe and profitable investment opportunity, Tab City Rawalpindi should definitely be on your list.

Blue world city housing society

Pakistan has some of the best societies to invest in. The Blue World City Housing Society is one such society. This society offers investors a high return on investment and good security. The society is located in Karachi and has a population of over 100,000.


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