Peripheral Isolators: Uses and its advantages?

The National Information Assurance Partnership

Many of us still envision the remote “hacker” trying to break through a firewall when we get to know of cyber security threats. More than we can imagine, networks are far more vulnerable to data breaches from internal desktop computers and other peripheral devices.

What is NIAP Certification

The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) emphasizes the ability to combat internal threats. NIAP has rigorous requirements for products such as KVM switches connecting with and managing users’ peripheral devices.

Certified and Secured NIAP KVM Switches:

Any military, government, financial or healthcare environment. Where data security is of utmost importance should use NIAP KVMs to safely switch between connected computers. While protecting data from accidental transfer or unauthorized access.

Specific features of NIAP KVM switches include:

Isolated Data Channels: These are Physically separated circuits for each data path on a KVM switch responsible for preventing data transfer when switching between authorized and unauthorized channels.

One-Way Communication: This prevents users from transferring data to any other external device through the KVM switch. This is important as handheld drives with terabyte-sized data stores have become increasingly available.

Secure Emulation: Mouse emulation & Keyboard is secured to confine the discovery of connected devices during switching. This is similar to the transmittal of the EDID data from connected monitors.

Flash Drive Restriction: External storage devices are generally blocked to prevent any exposure to malware.

Memory Clearing. Secure KVM switches continuously clear internal memory after every data transmission to protect your memory mining.

Tamper Protection: It is commonly known as device firmware that cannot be reprogrammed. Tamper-evident seals indicate if a physical intrusion has taken place or not; if the physical case is open, the KVM switch renders itself inoperable.

Push-Button Control requires physical access to the KVM switch when switching between connected computers.

Benefits of Secured KVM Switches:

NIAP 3.0 certified secure KVM switches offer perfect network isolation, ideal for defence, intelligence, and other applications where classified data needs to be protected while controlling access to sensitive networks and public networks like the Internet.

Secure KVM switches are designed from the ground up as specialized switch devices. Each item designed to protect against unauthorized access, provide data isolation, and are optimized to allow access to networks of different levels of security, particularly beneficial to governments’ militaries and defence operations. Like early-generation “Black Box” secure KVM switches, the new ones in the NIAP 4.0 certified product family will provide filters, data sensing, and protection features needed to guarantee security for the information sent between PCs and peripherals.

Some specific security features might include a single-use programmable microchip. An anti-tampering sleeve in the enclosure, blocking external disk drives/flash drives, power cycling at each port on a KVM switch, blocking specific auxiliary channels. Preventing data from flowing in either direction using data diodes, and so forth. However, emissions are not covered in this particular security profile. In the government, a primary goal of the KVM is security. As such, I tested how well a commodity KVM could meet rigorous standards established with earlier devices.

Ending Note:

Anyone who needs to manage more than one computer would benefit from a KVM switch. Savings on the hardware alone would make the purchase price worthwhile, as would hidden savings on time and power. A small, one-time investment in better computing and network security seems an easy offer of benefits. With a growing number of options in the growing number of desktop KVM switches, you can satisfy any employees needs cost-effectively. Backlit keyboards can also be used for networking switches, which is helpful if your primary NIAP KVM is in the wrong spot or locked away inside the cabinet for added protection.

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