Porcelain Crowns Vs Zirconium Crowns

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If you’re considering getting a porcelain crown for a tooth, you’re probably wondering how they compare to zirconium crowns. Here are some of the benefits of porcelain crowns Perry FL, as well as their cost and durability. Plus, read about the pain associated with these crowns. This article will provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision about your dental care. It will also answer the most commonly asked questions.

Cost of porcelain crowns

The cost of porcelain crowns depends on the type of dental work performed and the condition of your teeth. Some dentists offer payment plans and promotional rates to attract new patients. Others offer sliding-scale fees for those on a budget. The procedure itself does not cause cavities, but should be cleaned the same way as your natural teeth. Brushing the crown twice a day with a toothpaste recommended by your dentist is important. The cost of porcelain crowns is generally less than that of a metal crown.

Durability of porcelain crowns

The durability of porcelain crowns is an important consideration. If you do not take good care of your porcelain crowns, they will eventually chip, wear down, or fracture. As a result, you should avoid chewing hard foods until your new crown is well-fitted and in good shape. However, porcelain crowns can last a lifetime if you take good care of them. To help you maintain the durability of your porcelain crown, here are some maintenance tips:

Cost of zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns are comparatively new and the technology behind them is a breakthrough. The main advantages of these dental prostheses are that they do not require base installation and metal frame preparation. They also offer good aesthetics, as zirconium is almost transparent and looks like real teeth. Moreover, zirconium crowns are safe for the surrounding teeth and gums. However, the cost of zirconium crowns is high, so it is important to do your homework and shop around.

Pain associated with porcelain crowns

One of the potential risks associated with porcelain crowns is pain. Patients may experience pain when chewing on their crowned teeth. Pain associated with crowned teeth may vary in severity, from mild to severe, depending on the placement. While it is rare, some patients experience sensitivity or pain when they bite down. This pain can be avoided by discussing the position of the crown with your dentist. In addition, you may need to adjust your bite after your crown is placed, so make sure to ask if you need to adjust it.

Alternatives to porcelain crowns

If you have suffered a tooth break or cracked tooth, you may be considering porcelain crowns Perry FL. However, the downside of a porcelain crown is that it is not a permanent solution. The material itself is fragile and must be a certain thickness to be able to fit over the tooth. A porcelain cap is also not a good choice for back teeth or those that receive a lot of chewing pressure. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns can also lead to allergic reactions.

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