Push Notification Strategy Development for Marketing – Key Aspects to Consider

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For marketers, the concept of push notifications is nothing new. Whether it’s startups or well-established enterprises, private firms, or government entities, alerts on mobile or web will grab your attention in each domain nowadays. 

Even though there are a plethora of options available as marketing tools for businesses, not each of them promises the kind of ROI that different types of push notifications do. 

Undoubtedly, emails have been in the market sphere for a long time, and there is no similar alternative that replaces them thoroughly. But, somehow emails disappoint to offer some important paybacks that push notifications provide without a hassle. 

Marketing strategy with push notifications when developed right can bring your audience back to your app or website. In this post, we will discuss some of the key considerations for an effective push notification strategy. So let’s get going. 

Push Notification Strategy – Review Best Practices  

#1. Permission Requests 

It is an effective way to build a relationship with the user first and for that avoid sending default permission requests to new users. If you want your target audiences to keep push notifications enabled, it is necessary to ask for their permission initially on time. 

A push notification strategy that encourages users to subscribe to your channel is effective. Asking for permission through messages allows you to clearly underline the advantages of your push notifications. 

While developing your permission content, keep an eye on your target audience. 

#2. Convey Actionable Alerts 

The key to the right push notification strategy is to not spam users with unnecessary content. Remember that the main objective of push notifications is to deliver something valuable. It is just like you are reaching customers and tapping them on their shoulders. 

If you are not offering anything worthwhile, customers will definitely start feeling a little annoyed. If you want to stop your customers from turning off the push notifications, or uninstalling the app, deliver something that is actionable, important, and relevant.

Send alerts that inform users exactly what action they need to take such as “Shop Now”, “Check out now”, “Track your package”, “Add to your wishlist”, etc. 

#3. Personalization 

A push notification marketing strategy that comprises personalized content can engage more users compared to generic messages. So it is ideal to use segmentation and customized messages to certain groups of targeted user bases. It will aid you to develop unique content strategies based on user types. 

By reviewing installs and post-install actions, you can identify the user lifecycle and different phases users are going through while navigating the app or website. 

You can integrate users’ details such as age, gender, locations, etc., recently viewed items, favorites, and much more. This information helps you to personalize your messages.  

#4. Use Limited Time-Offers

You can motivate your users to complete call-to-action with limited-time offers. It is one of the useful push notification strategies that keep your users engaged. Once you have decided on your offer, it is insignificant to determine the proper balance and a decent tone.

If you have any new features, offer them for a limited time at a lower price. Users get encouraged promptly to act as they don’t want to miss out on anything. These notifications need enticing Call-to-action that makes users curious about your offer and end-up clicking it. 

#5. Run A/B Testing 

A/B testing is crucial to develop a push notification marketing strategy appropriately. While testing the app design, also test push notifications. Perform testing on different elements such as CTAs, font, colors, messages., and much more.

It is necessary to analyze which type of innovation works best for your users. Your outcomes may also be different based on the objective of your push notifications. A call to value will not be helpful while notifying a user that their flight is late.

#6. Ask for App Updates 

Inform your target audience about your new app updates because many users do not have the automatic app updates feature turned on. So they may miss out on the new features or improvements you have added to your app or website. 

Develop a tailored push notification marketing message that lets the users know about the benefit of your new update. Similarly, as the onboarding pre-ask page, you can create an effective and personalized message that asks for users’ permission for an app update. 

#7. Right Timing 

Appropriate timing is crucial when it comes to sending push notifications to your users. No matter how important your message is, if push notifications do not alert users on time, the message will no longer stay effective.

It is important to collect details on users’ behavior and utilize them to determine the timings when your users are more likely to react to your push notifications. Monitor users’ responses based on time and send push notifications around that time.  

#8. Use Location-Data  

There are many applications that use location, to target specific users with tailored messages to deliver real-time updates and connect to personalized content. For example, location-based push notification guides users to a nearby store. 

Users will have the most relevant content that fulfills a particular objective. Location-based notifications converted more traffic compared to regular push notifications. 

Summing Up

Push notifications are an exceptional tool to provide value to your esteemed customers, enhance brand loyalty, and urge sales. Personalizing messages according to user data helps you keep content relevant and customers involved. 

As push notifications are more productive compared to other forms of communication, they are the best choice to reopen a communication channel with your previous customers. It also reminds users about their added items in the cart but doesn’t complete the purchase. 

So check out what options are feasible for you to take leverage push notification thoroughly.

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