Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Pap Smear Test in North Hills

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Pap smear test North Hills is usually a safe procedure, while some people might only experience mild cramping. So, you must get screened if you’re between 21-65 years old woman as this process can be a lifesaver. Cervix cancer has taken many women’s lives, but you can prevent this if the doctor detects it before becoming malignant.
There is nothing to fear in a pap smear. It’s a quick process that’s bearable despite little discomfort. And this is what you can expect in this procedure. But first,

What is Pap Smear?

A Pap smear test is a women’s screening procedure that helps diagnose cervical cancer. It’s critical for every woman to undergo this procedure, for it has a chance to prevent and treat cervical cancer when detected early.

Pap Smear Guide

As we take you to the step-by-step guide on the pap smear procedure, we’ll first advise you on the best ways to prepare for it.

  • Abstain from sexual intercourse for about two days before taking the test.
  • If you douche or use vaginal medicines, you must skip doing these for the next two days before your Pap test. What happens, this might wash away any abnormal cells affecting the Pap smear test resultsYou must re-schedule your pap test appointment if you’re on your period. 
  • Avoid using spermicidal treatments.

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Step 1. A patient will go to a gynecologist’s office, and the doctor will brief her on what to expect. He will request you to relieve yourself, making you more comfortable. 

Step 2. Your doctor will wait until you’re comfortably settled and insert a speculum into your vagina-it helps to hold its walls apart. While at it, he will carefully take some cell samples from your cervix using a spatula or a unique brush. During this process, you’re likely to experience discomfort in your pelvic area because it’s a new thing your body is experiencing. But after removing this device, that should go away. 

Step 3. Depending on the type of Pap smear test North Hills donethe practitioner can place the samples on a glass slide or a container containing a special liquid. And he will take these to a lab for further analysis under a microscope. 

Step 4. After this, you can go home and wait for your test results which usually come from 1-3 weeks. But you can call your doctor if you don’t hear from him.

Step 5. Pap test results will determine if the patient has signs of cancer or precancerous cells. These can be normal or abnormal; your doctor will explain their meaning.

Standard Pap smear test results

This means you got a negative outcome, meaning you don’t have abnormal cells in your cervix. It’s the best possible outcome anyone can get, and you require further treatment. However, you’ll still return for your next screening after three years.
Sometimes it’s possible to get a false negative outcome, showing no abnormal cells while they exist. Some of the reasons that might lead to this include:

  • Collection of fewer cell samples.
  • Group of inadequate abnormal cells 
  • Blood or inflammation might obscure the abnormal cells.

Abnormal Pap smear test results

when the test comes out as positive. It shows some abnormal cells in your cervix. But it might not always indicate an immediate diagnosis of cervix cancer. So, you can try to remain calm as the doctor explains what it means based on your case.
Your doctor will advise you on the best way forward, depending on your results. Ensure to follow it thoroughly, and everything will be okay. 

When Should you Get Screened?

According to doctors’ recommendations, women from 21 years should consider a pap test. At the same time, it would be best for those from 30 years to combine this with HPV test-it checks for cells with infection or high risk.
A pap test looks for changes caused by the HPV virus, which might become cancer if left untreated. Generally, having a contest of HPV and pap tests helps to check for high-risk virus and cervical cell changes. If both results are negative, you can have your next appointment after five years.
Doctors might recommend a regular Pap smear test North Hillsif you have the following:

  • HIV/AIDS positive 
  • Weak immune system 
  • Exposed to diethylstilbestrol before birth 
  • If you recently had an abnormal test result
  • If you had cervical cancer. 

While you’re never too old for pap smear screening, you might not need it if you’re over 65. Not unless you have a history of precancerous or cancer cells. But if you have had a regular screening for the past ten years with average test outcomes, you don’t need it past this age. 

In Conclusion

Despite the slight discomfort you experience during the procedure, a pap smear test is low-risk and completely harmless. It’s a worthy procedure that helps detect abnormalities in a woman’s cervical cells. And as soon as you get your Pap smear test results, the earlier your doctor may address it if it’s negative and even treat it. But if you never get tested, you may risk your life since cervical cancer may not show any symptoms. Please get screened. 

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