Tea Packaging Wholesale Design: Cost-Effective Luxury Tea Packaging Ideas

Tea Packaging Wholesale

We Brits will all agree that nothing beats a cup of tea, whether it’s with lashings of milk and heaps of sugar or steeped for a specific amount of time. Or, to put it another way, there’s nothing quite like a luxurious cup of Tea Packaging Wholesale to wake up the senses.

Our favourite luxury tea blends appeal to us in multiple ways. High-end teas are synonymous with luxury, with a delicious flavour, a delightful aroma, and a delectable shopping and unboxing experience. You expect the perfect, luxury brew to be packaged within a luxury retail packaging box, regardless of your preference – whether you prefer the convenience of a tea bag or the flavour of loose leaf.

The best part is that luxury product packaging does not have to be expensive. Folding carton boxes have become one of the most popular retail packaging boxes for luxury teas in recent years. Many tea brands prefer folding cartons as a luxury product packaging option that is deluxe yet cost-effective, reducing expenses while increasing profit margins.

Folding Carton Boxes: A Low-Cost Packaging Option For Luxury Tea

The carton packaging, also known as paperboard boxes, chipboard boxes, or folding cartons, is ubiquitous. Fold carton boxes are commonly used as bespoke food packaging, and you’re likely to have several in your shopping trolley during your weekly supermarket run.

Folding cartons, invented in the mid-1800s by Charles Henry Foyle by cutting paper in a way that could form a box, have come a long way in the last 150 years. Folding carton packaging was invented in 1879 by Robert Gair, who discovered the mass production of custom eyelash boxes with his printing press. It quickly became a practical and convenient way to package a wide range of household items.

Folding carton production costs significantly less than other types of packaging now that the machinery for folding carton production is a staple in the warehouses of many folding carton manufacturers, all while maintaining the design aspects that make it a superb option for luxury products.

Paperboard is cut, folded, laminated, and printed before being placed on shelves to make folding cartons. They are lightweight, stackable, and extremely durable, making them one of the most practical packaging solutions for a variety of products.

Because folding boxboard packaging is printer-friendly, it is versatile and highly customizable, allowing brands to create eye-catching designs that make a great first impression. Printed cartons are a great option for creative food packaging because businesses can add important product information such as nutritional information.

However, the versatility of printed board does not end there! Folding cartons come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to create a truly one-of-a-kind packaging solution that allows your product to take centre stage on a retail shelf.

Retail Tea Packaging Design Examples We Like

The only real limit with folding carton design is your imagination. Luxury tea packaging wholesale design can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. The best tea and coffee packaging ideas will showcase your product in all its glory, appealing to both new customers who have never interacted with your brand before and loyal fans who eagerly await the release of your next product.

Prince And Sons Is A Simple Yet Stylish Design.

SirePrinting created a crash-lock base carton from 450mic folding boxboard while working with Prince and Sons to create a premium tea packaging wholesale design in which to present their luxury teas. Each box features an oval cut-out on the side to give customers a sneak peek at the premium tea bags.

Each tea blend has a different coloured box and slightly different artwork for ease of recognition on a retail shelf, complete with silver blocking and matt lamination for a premium touch.

T2 Tea Mini Fruits Are Fun And Fruity.

T2’s Tea Mini Fruits are the epitome of innovative tea packaging wholesale design. Each fruit tea blend is shaped to look like its fruity counterpart, with a folded carton banana for its Banana Bake blend, a watermelon for Watermelon Sorbet, an apple for Turkish Apple, and a peach for Packs a Peach. Tea packaging will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd based solely on its shape.

Fruit tea range is make from uncoat paperboard to highlight the organic aesthetic of the range, emphasising its premium position in the tea market. T2’s attention to detail is fun yet deluxe, reworking the T2 brand logo to resemble a fruit sticker and printed in an eye-catching gold that complements each fruit box.

Cha Le Is Calm And Sophisticated.

Cha Le, a Canadian tea merchant, imports premium and rare teas from China. Their branding recognises their ties to China. The most notable example is their brand name, Cha Le, which translates to “happy tea” in Chinese.

Cha Le’s tea packaging wholesale pays homage to their Chinese Custom Tea Boxes with a simple yet luxurious oriental design. Their printed cartons feature one of six delicate, hand-painted watercolours, each representing a different Custom Tea Boxes. To add a final touch of luxury to the packaging, hints of gold are applie across the box, from the logo to the lid.

Melez Tea Is Artistic And Artisanal.

Melez chose a simple yet sophisticated packaging solution for her line of artisanal teas handcrafted to promote wellness.

Each packaging design is elegant and luxurious, with a simple cuboid shaped box and muted colours – yellow for Wake Up, pastel green for Balance, and blue for Sleep. With a traditional font and clear messaging, the typography equally refine. In addition to adding a luxurious touch, the Melez boxes’ simplicity provides clear branding and product information that is effective on a retail shelf.

For Expert Advice, Please Contact Our Luxury Product Packaging Team.

Custom boxes are excellent packaging solutions for luxury food items because they are versatile, durable, and visually appealing to consumers. Printed cartons, which are printer-friendly, highly customizable, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, are sure to draw the right attention to your products. What’s more, the best part? One of the most cost-effective packaging solutions on the market is folding boxboard.

SirePrinting, one of the leading folding boxboard suppliers, prepare to assist you at every stage of the manufacturing process. SirePrinting can assist you in creating the best branded packaging for your luxury products, from pricing to design. If you’re looking for luxury product packaging without the luxury price, browse our folding carton box portfolio or contact SirePrinting today to learn more about our luxury packaging solutions.


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