The Best Smart Fitness Equipment for 2022

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Smart fitness equipment has made even repetitive action workouts interesting and fun. By hooking traditional workout equipment with internet-enabled devices such as tablets, televisions, and projectors, the regular exercise bike becomes an interactive exercise bike. A simulated workout experience can be created with varying terrains, choosing cycling tracks, or playing racing games with friends in live-action role-playing (LARP) games.

Some of the best smart fitness equipment for 2022

Smart exercise bike

When a regular stationary bike comes with provisions to hook it up with any internet-enabled device, it becomes a smart interactive exercise bike. There is a range of Pedal2play bikes that are suitable for home gyms, and are enthusiastically being adopted by commercial gyms, community centers, youth fitness centers, and schools. There are gaming bikes by Exerbike GS that can be hooked to the Xbox and the player must keep pedaling to play. For group cycling classes, such as the soul cycling sessions, there is the Spivi Virtual indoor cycling or CycloBEAT. Most of the exergame bikes can be used by adults and children.

Smart Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are for cardiovascular fitness, and you can find “youth fitness programs near me” that have successfully integrated these into their regular physical exercise programs. Smart rowing machine HOLOfit is a virtual reality interactive fitness equipment that comes with VR goggles for an immersive experience. Which can be used to stream virtual training programs, participate in virtual competitions, and play LARP games. The Aviron rower on the other hand, on the other hand, comes attached with an HD Touchscreen display. This machine provides group workout games and simulations that allow players to choose the lake or river where they want to go rowing.

Interactive Boxing Equipment

The Makoto, Reax Boxe, and Nexersys are all leaders in the industry for interactive boxing equipment. This equipment has motion sensors that capture the athlete’s movements and give cues. They are used by gymnasiums and fitness centers for High-Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) and core workouts. Nexersys gives the athlete options to choose an Avatar when they are sparring in multiplayer or gaming rounds. Makoto Training Arena has a multi-planar environment with 360o engagement through random stimuli. The Makoto training has three pillars where random lights will turn on and the player must punch them or kick them as per the speed and intensity. Finally, the Reax Boxe is an oscillating boxing bag that has to be punched and kicked where the box is lit. a group of 3 to 6 people can play it simultaneously and is enjoyed by youngsters in many “youth fitness programs near me”.

Interactive Wall Games

Interactive wall games have many alternatives among different brands. For youth fitness centers and schools, there are large-scale interactive wall games such as the Lu Interactive Playground which comes with a vast catalog of activities that children can play in large groups. It has a 3D projection system that converts the wall projection into a touchscreen and there is a powerful light and sound system that facilitates immersive engagement. MotionMagix is similar equipment with a projector, but it is of a smaller scale and has over 100 games that can be played by a smaller group. There are wall games such as the Reax station and the TWall 64 that are single-player wall games with multiple simulated workout regimes.

Interactive stepping games

Stepping games cover a range of floor-based exergames that are fun and engaging and use a range of electrical impulses to capture motion and respond to them. There are dance step games that are loved by children and adults of all age groups! IDance, Dance Shadow Mat, and IStep are some prominent names in this category. They come preloaded with trending songs and with regular updates, new songs are added to the playlist. There are other step exergames such as the StepManiaX that have an interface for players to watch and play the games. These exergames are designed to give full-body workouts with a focus on cardio and stamina building.

Most of these exergames are designed to leverage the high interest in video games and AI technology among the youth to lead them towards an active lifestyle and making healthy choices.

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