The Clothes Every Woman Should Have

The Clothes Every Woman Should Have

In Pakistan, men have a little edge over women in dress choices. Men at work can wear a collared shirt and formal dress pants, for business concerns, jeans with T-shirt. They can throw a suit on them for formal wear, but the playing field is a little different for women. Most women lack the knowledge of appropriate formal wear according to the occasion. To wear according to the event, every woman must have a few necessities in her wardrobe.

Must-Have Clothes

Every woman’s must-have clothes depend prominently on her status, working or not, married or not, student or housewife. In some nations like Pakistan, working women are burden doubled as they need to manage house responsibilities and family responsibilities side by side. A student has to carry some household training along with her studies.

1. Lawn ka Jora

Usually, our working women choose a ‘lawn ka jora’ with vibrant colors and floral designs to carry in the office, at a hangout or dinner night, or during a meeting with some friend. Everywhere regular lawn ka Jora fits. Choose fewer floral prints for work wear and buy plain or geometrical shape prints.

2. Western clothes

Students are somewhat allowed to wear a few western look clothes with covered shoulders, knees, and ankles. So you can keep a few jeans and tops in your casual wear collection.

3. Formal Dresses

There is a big difference between embellishment on casual and formal wear in Pakistan. The formals for the family dinner party would be less exotic and embellished, and formal wear for a wedding function would be lush, heavy, and beautified.

4. Sarees and skirts

Sarees and skirts also come in semi-formal dresses. Both simple and fancy look great at their appropriate event.

5. Tropical Dresses

Tropical dresses are four seasonal dresses. They are wrinkle-less, heat sustainable, and come in vibrant colors. Usually, they come in floral designs. Mostly they are worn in the changing weather.

6. Comfortable sleeping suits

Comfortable periods of sleep are necessary for every woman of every status. Scientists revealed that women need more sleeping hours than men. Comfortable sleep wears can help improve sleep and give more life to your neat dresses.

Few Extras

A few extras may include some multi-color scarfs, extra trousers in black, white, and off-white colors, sweaters, jackets, warm shawls, caps, etc.

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