Tips on How to Protect Your Car in Extreme Summer

Protect Your Car

It would help if you prepared yourself with some protection for your car to prevent any negative effects on it due to extreme heat. Just as our body feels uncomfortable in extreme heat, in a similar way, a car exposed to heat might lead to damage and failure of several parts that would dig a deep hole in your pocket. Therefore you need to find out ways to protect your car.

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Tips To Ensure Car Protection From Extreme Heat

Indian summers are too much to bear. Too much heat can cause damage to several car parts due to overheating. Your car is your precious asset, and you must keep it in good condition to increase its exchange or sales value. Look at all the important tips listed below to protect your car from extreme heat.


Park Your Car Under A Shade

To avoid any damage caused to your car paint due to extreme heat, park your car under a shade. Prevent your car from any direct sun exposure. Seeking a shaded place might require some time, but you can do it for the sake of your dream car.

Install Window Tints To Protect Your Car From UV Rays

Use Window Tints while you drive under extreme heat as they have the potential to reflect 99.9 percent of the UV rays. This will make your car interior much cooler and ensure a comfortable car ride during summer. You can also keep your eyes comfortable with car window tints which reduce glare from the sun. 

Service Your AC Properly

Before the summer approaches, service your AC and keep it up to date. Consult an efficient technician and repair the coolant leaks, if any. In addition, you must regularly top up the compressor oil during summer for enjoyable AC services inside your car.

Top Up Your Coolant

Since your car parts are nothing but machines, they need a regular supply of fluids to keep them in good condition. The problem most car owners face during summer is the overheating of the engine due to low coolant levels. Check your car’s coolant level regularly during summer days and refill if necessary.

Check The Engine Oil And Other Fluids

Extreme heat will burn the engine oil rapidly. Therefore, perform a routine engine oil checkup and frequently make oil replacements. Also, test the fluid levels of brake, steering, and transmission units.

Use Window Shades On Your Car Windows

Direct penetration of heat from your car window will make the interior heated. As a result, you would not feel comfortable inside your car even with the AC turned on. This uncomfortable situation can be avoided by using window shades for your car windows to keep the interior cool and relaxed.

Opt For A Car Wax

Wax your car before summer, as it is proven that a waxed vehicle doesn’t allow the absorption of UV rays. Therefore they prevent excessive heating of your car’s surface. In addition, a proper quality polish will form a protective layer on your expensive car paint, making it less vulnerable to heat and damage.

Be Careful About Your Battery Life

Extreme heat lessens the battery life of your car. This is because, during summer, the fluids inside your car evaporate faster and fasten the chemical reaction inside the battery. So check Your battery regularly to ensure whether it is being charged at a proper rate or not. Also, make sure that your battery is free of dirt and dust.

Inspect Your Tyre Pressure

Your car carries the risk of overinflation of the tyres if parked for a long time under direct sunlight. So check your tyre pressures regularly and adjust them according to the necessity. Keep a tyre inflator and a pressure gauge inside your car to avoid unfortunate situations or hassles.

Following all these tips carefully would make your summer-ready as a responsible car owner. Protect your car from heat damage with various car accessories available at CarOrbis. They offer genuine products offered by top brands. For utmost customer satisfaction, they offer additional benefits like free shipping of the ordered products, easy return policies, and a doorstep delivery facility. Show now!

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