Video making made easier by the Netgear ex3110 wifi extender

Netgear ex3110 wifi extender – Being a fashion blogger on Instagram, I need to come up with different ideas one can wear a single piece of cloth. Having this talent and a creative mind is not all. I also need to know video editing because Instagram is a visual platform, and unless and until the video satisfies the aesthetic of the person, there is no chance that person is going to appreciate it and I get income from different brands to endorse their products. This requires a good video editing skill and also a fast internet connection that would help me watch other videos and get inspiration to recreate my own from them. As easy as it may sound, it is not.

You not only have to come up with different content but also different video editing styles so that your viewer does not get bored. The work gets even more challenging if your internet connection giving you a headache. It was the same in my case, but a year back. I thank my good starts for bringing the Netgear ex3110 wifi extender in front of me. One day while I was too much frustrated over my internet connection, I decided to search for an extender that would not only fill the dead spots in my house but also provide a fast internet connection, something which I have not experienced since birth. After an extensive Google search on different extenders, I decided to go for the netgear extender.

Features of Netgear ex3110 wifi extender

I was not sure about my purchase because I did not know whether or not a range extender is the one that can solve my problem. However, I got hold of the Netgear ex3110 wifi extender because procrastinating is never a solution. Today, I have got two laptops, a tab, three mobile phones, and two speakers connected to the range extender and it works perfectly. I no longer need to worry about my internet connection and can solely focus on my work. You can easily upgrade the firmware on extender device.

More Features

Online video editing is easy now and I can browse through many other videos on YouTube and Instagram and come up with ideas easily. I never thought that getting a range extender would be enough to solve half of my problems and troubles. The tiny minimal black range extender came with two antennas and weighs about 7.2 pounds. Thus it stays unnoticed, peacefully at a corner in my living room, and does its job skillfully. The specifications on the package say that it can boost the speed up to 300Mbps and I agree with that. The internet speed has increased significantly in my house and the dead spots to have an appreciable internet connection.

Benefits of the Netgear ex3110 wifi extender

The best thing that I love about the netgear Wi-Fi extender is its appearance which is a royal black sleek one. The Netgear ex3110 wifi extender firmware update procedure is easy and simple. The setup steps can be performed by anyone having basic knowledge and experience with Wi-Fi boosters. You will not need an expert to get your netgear Wi-Fi extender update and installation done. It does not have a bulky and outdated interface thus making it user-friendly and additionally it is also budget-friendly.


The Netgear ex3110 wireless range extender not working will ever be a problem as troubleshooting is very easy and will take just a few minutes. The two antennas that come attached to the extender can be adjusted to increase the signal strength of the Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, you get the freedom to choose between Repeater Mode, AP Mode, and Router Mode. There is also a LAN or WAN port at the bottom of the range Extender for all wired devices. This simple Wi-Fi booster is everything you need to get your internet connection to a high speed. It does not come with too many fancy features, but I cannot disagree that it does its work flawlessly.


As mentioned earlier, the setup process is easy and can be performed by anyone with some basic knowledge. There are an installation guide and a user manual that helps you throughout the process. You need to go to the Netgear ex3110 wifi extender setup page and then complete the setup process. After you will complete with the setup. Now you need to go for the Netgear ex3110 wifi extender login option. Then configure your device by setting a new password and username. After everything will complete, you will instantly see a high-speed internet connection in your house. All the dead spots will fill with a good internet connection. Also, the extender comes with a 12-month warranty.

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