Web Series vs Television Soaps: Impact of OTT Platforms

Web Series

OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ have changed the way people think about TV series. The year 2021 saw a global OTT penetration of 40.9% approximately and surveys suggest that by 2026 the market will increase to 49.9%.

OTTs have allowed us to watch it on any device. You can watch an episode on your phone, tablet, laptop or Android TV, making it more accessible.

The huge popularity of OTT platforms has forced television producers to create crossovers and collaborate with the OTT platforms. Now, what has fuelled the sudden change in viewership? In this comprehensive blog, we will explore the various reasons OTT platforms have raced past television viewing.

Fasten your seat belts. Let the show begin!

Exploring the Reasons behind the Huge Popularity of OTT Platforms

TV serials have always been a point of attraction for the elders. According to reports, Netflix, one of the most popular OTT platforms, has penetrated 65% of US households. The platform touched 150 million subscribers in 2019.

Here are some reasons that will help you understand how OTT is on the way to winning the battle against TV:

Repetitive storyline of TV soaps

You cannot ignore the fact that TV soaps have a repetitive storyline. The content on OTT platforms is different and has brought in a lot of new concepts and grabbed the attention of viewers. Mature content is the right term to use for the ones aired on OTT platforms. Developments in every field have been important, but the evolution of TV series to web series has been the best. People around the world enjoy watching web series and wait for new seasons.

Creative freedom and no censorship restrictions

A major point where OTT has raced past TV soaps is the creative freedom and no censorship restrictions. TV has a lot of restrictions, and producers and directors are not allowed to air many things. OTTs do not have such restrictions and are free to create content without being bothered about the idea. Viewers get attracted to new and out-of-the-box ideas. OTTs have the license to create content without being afraid of being censored or getting pulled down. It is a major reason OTTs are making their way to the top.

Limited attention

With social media reels and content taking center stage, people nowadays look for short and interesting content. OTTs have understood the current demands and have designed the platform to fulfill their needs. You can browse through a massive number of web series and shows and choose the one that fits your taste. The length of each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes making it easy to watch.

Western-influenced mature contents

The current generation looks forward to mature content influenced by the West. Shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Office have gained popularity in no time. Thanks to OTT platforms, people can watch these shows without looking here and there. TV soaps do not have the right storyline and follow cliched ideas. The viewers have the option to choose and enjoy shows from all around the world on OTT platforms. OTTs have changed the perception of television viewing and provided some good shows with new ideas.

Television and web shows crossovers

Television producers, directors, and OTTs have attempted to collaborate and create crossovers to grab viewers’ attention. Western shows have come up with several crossovers, and the audience was left surprised and thinking if the characters from the shows are the same. Shows like Flash-Supergirl and Simpsons-Family Guy are great examples of crossovers. These crossovers are a revolution to the entire industry, and people are waiting for more such episodes and shows.

Subscription charges

From monthly subscriptions to yearly subscriptions, OTTs have everything. Netflix, the most popular OTT platform, offers access to people with a monthly subscription of Rs. 149 only. Disney+ Hotstar offers its services at 299 for 3 months. OTTs have a lot to offer at very reasonable prices. On top of that, you can share the charges with your friends and enjoy the services. OTTs have edged past cable TV in every aspect.


You will not have to wait for a specific time to watch your favourite TV show. OTTs have all contents available 24*7. You will not have to wait to watch an episode. OTTs have helped everyone watch their favourite shows without waiting. The 24*7 availability is one of the best features of OTT. It is one of the best points that keep OTT ahead of TV soaps.

OTTs and TV soaps,

OTTs and TV soaps are always in a battle.  Today, you can enjoy web series, movies, and all other shows on a single platform. Debating over TV soaps and OTTs must stop. OTT platforms have the right ingredients to grab viewers’ attention and are the face of the future.

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