What Happens During the Process of Veneers?

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If you’re interested in getting veneers for your smile, you’ve probably wondered what exactly happens during the veneers procedure. First, you’ll need to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Your teeth and gums must be healthy and free of active decay before you can undergo the procedure. If these areas are unhealthy, the veneers Lafayette la process can fail and cause more serious structural problems.

Preliminary appointment

Before a person can receive veneers, they must first make an appointment for a preliminary consultation. While most people can get veneers without any problems, those with underlying oral health issues may need to wait. A thorough cleaning is recommended before veneers are applied to the teeth. By preparing your mouth beforehand, you will have a healthy and bright smile for many years to come. Read on to learn more about what to expect during a preliminary appointment for veneers.

During a preliminary appointment for veneers, a dentist will take X-rays of your mouth. He will also create a digital 3D scan of your teeth. He will then use the impression to craft your veneers. This process will take a week to two weeks and will include wearing temporary veneers. Once you are satisfied with the fit and look of your temporary veneers, you will return for your final appointment to have your permanent veneers fitted.


The preparation of veneers begins with the placement of a local anesthetic to the teeth. The dentist then uses a hand-held rotating cutting device, known as a bur, to shape the natural tooth surface. The bur can be any shape, and the dentist will carefully trim it so that all surfaces of the veneer rest on the tooth. This procedure will ensure that the veneers sit perfectly on the teeth. The finished preparation will look smooth and free of sharp internal line angles.

The dentist will use a shade guide to determine which color is best for the veneer. Different portions of the laminate may require different shades. The dentist will note which areas need to be more translucent than others. Since the color can be adjusted once the veneer is placed on the tooth, the preparation is generally less critical than in other types of procedures. Ultimately, it’s up to the dentist to determine the exact shade for the veneer.


Before installation, the dentist must first ensure that the surface is clean and free of debris. The teeth are then fitted into special wax forms that resemble the appearance of veneers. The veneers are finished several days later, after which the dentist checks their shape and color. Once installed, veneers last for a few years, but they can become less aesthetically pleasing as time goes by. Here are some tips to ensure your veneers are installed properly:

Before getting your veneers, it is important to visit a dentist to discuss your options. Your dentist will remove some of your tooth’s enamel. This is an irreversible process. This is why you should choose a dentist carefully to avoid any issues down the line. Depending on the location of your dentist, you might need to schedule several appointments. This is a great benefit for your time and your schedule, since you will be able to save time when you are working to make your appointments. A dentist in your area will be more likely to offer dental veneer reviews, and will be able to give you more detailed information.

Post-veneer care

The best post-veneer care is to avoid exposing the restorations to extreme forces, like grinding or biting into hard objects. While porcelain veneers Lafayette LA are a strong material, they can be damaged by chewing on hard items, such as ice or hard candy. Also, avoid biting pencils and hard candy, as these can scratch and chip-veneer edges. If you’re still worried, don’t. The best way to avoid these situations is to follow your dentist’s recommendations and do what you can at home to prevent them.

During the first few days after getting veneers Lafayette la, you’ll want to avoid chewing on things, especially those that contain dyes. If you’re unable to avoid chewing on things, you may have to use a straw to open a package. And be sure to rinse your mouth after drinking anything with a dye, such as coffee. Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco, as they can also stain the veneers.

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