what is an airfood recipe?


An airfood recipe is a type of food that has been created by cooking in a loose and light mixture of air, mainly oxygen. This mixture may be generated by placing foods or herbs on top of a pan, or by cooking them in an oven with no heat save for the circulation of current. This process produces moist and tasty food that retains many nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Even traditionally refrigerated foods can be cooked in this manner to create an easy-to-prepare meal.

Aerated meal

An airfood recipe is sometimes called an aerated meal or a wholistic recipe because it attempts to use the entire spectrum of food in the diet. For example, a wholistic airfood recipe would include foods high in protein and fiber as well as low glycemic carbohydrates, along with foods rich in antioxidants to prevent cancer and other diseases. With different ingredients and combinations, any dish can be transformed into an airfood . The latter part of this article will show examples of such combinations.

super airfood recipe

An airfood recipe may also be called a superfood recipe because it has been combined with another food that is well known for its health benefits. For example, an  might also be a green smoothie recipe or a fruit salad recipe. These types of recipes are usually served with a meal or as a snack between meals.

vacuum packed meal

One last example of an recipe is called the vacuum packed meal. Common in space travel, vacuum packed meals are foods that have been cooked in a chamber that removes almost all of the oxygen from within the bag to preserve its freshness. The removal of oxygen prevents bacteria from growing and thus prevents the food from spoiling like it would if left on a plate out at room temperature. Vacuum packed meals can be eaten without additional cooking, heating, or refrigeration because they have already been prepared and preserved in this manner. The process is referred to as vacuum cooking and the resulting food is sometimes called e-cooking.

An airfood recipe requires no heat other than a few minutes in an oven or a pan full of water. It also requires access to a range of ingredients. This will feature several different food combinations that can be prepared with this method, as well as examples of easy preparation methods for the recipes included.

Ingredients :

2 chicken breasts half as large as your chicken fryer rack, cut into halves and then cut into thirds to fit the size of the fryer. It is best to use free-range birds because they make the tastiest meat, but if you are feeling less strict about your diet, then you can use one chicken breast for each serving.

1 cup all purpose flour , sifted if necessary. This is used to make sure that the chicken does not soak up oil from the pan or from fryer racks.

1 Egg beaten

1 1/2 cups breadcrumbs, or more if you have a larger oven or larger chicken breasts. But it is better to have too much than not enough!

1 cup thinly sliced celery for the outer layer of coating. This can be substituted with any vegetable that you prefer, just make sure that it is cut into matchstick-sized pieces to be quick and easy to eat.

Salt and pepper to taste though you may need very little salt since the chicken is already salty.

Directions :

So you will have to measure (or just eyeball) the different cooking racks available and decide which one you need. Slice each breast into thirds so that there are 6 pieces. If your pieces are very thick or large, then slice them into sixths or eighths. Place each piece in a bowl of water to soak until you’re ready to use them.

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