What is the significance of packaging?

Isn’t a t-shirt pack simply packaging? You might be thinking to yourself, “Clearly, it’s only the end product that matters to the client, and the packing it comes in is just a possibility of getting it to them securely,” right?

Both yes and no.

Listen. We wouldn’t just print bespoke t-shirts at Real Thread; we adore them and believe they’re an effective way to communicate a brand message. Having said that, we believe the way they are packaged and delivered can reveal a lot about the valuable cargo inside.

Let’s look at why packaging is so vital to branding, as well as some ideas for nailing your t-shirt packaging –– all while admiring some stunning and inspiring examples.

What is the significance of packaging?

Let’s define packaging first before we go any further. For the purposes of this article, the packing will refer to everything that comes with your product when it reaches your customer.

Yes, the primary goal of packaging is to ensure that everything reaches your consumer in one piece, but the days of merely utilitarian packaging are long gone. Companies have recognized that delivering a pleasurable experience that connects with the receiver begins with the unpacking of a product.

It’s no coincidence that children enjoy unwrapping gifts. That feeling will always be there in some form.

This isn’t a minor addition, either. Companies are creating full-time roles for packaging designers, and institutions are creating degrees dedicated to the field. Yes, some aspects of packaging design are merely logistical, such as food packaging and the requirement to protect it from deteriorating, but for many B2C firms, the purpose of packaging is to take the recipient on a brand trip, with the product serving as the pot of gold at the end.

Design Store , a  t-shirt company, does this possibly better than anybody else. Design Store’ packaging, which bills itself as “the Best T-Shirt Company in Pakistan,”
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Don’t overlook your packaging as one of the most socially shareable aspects of your business (did someone say “unboxing video”?)—use it to pique interest.

Encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

A positive unpacking experience can help spread the word about your business. If your t-shirt unwrapping is unusual, entertaining, or plain gorgeous, customers will want to share their experience with others, whether on social media or in person.

If you check at the Instagram images tagged with Tuft and Needle, you’ll see a lot of photos and videos of consumers opening their mattresses. Why? Because it is a one-of-a-kind experience. Mattresses don’t usually come in boxes or inflate when you unroll them, but this one does, and I can attest to the fact that it’s very cool.

These wood-rolled containers were utilized by Ugmonk, a minimalist apparel manufacturer, for their 4-year anniversary bundle a few years ago. The packaging is one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing, and begs to be photographed brilliantly.

Make a Big Difference Between Small Budget

It’s tempting to get carried away and believe that investing in packing requires blowing your entire budget, but this is not the case.

persons are important sacks with shirts

Although this t-shirt pack from Sevenly was undoubtedly inexpensive to produce, the wrapping is nonetheless effective. People Matter has a straightforward message that resonates with its target demographic, and sharing it loudly only adds to its brand story. Additionally, choosing reusable packaging earns you bonus points. for selecting reusable packaging, as well.

Low-cost things such as personalized stamps for each of your boxes or bespoke tissue paper from no issue will help you create a memorable t-shirt pack experience in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Consider going green.

No issues goods, which include bespoke tissue, stickers, and compostable mailers, are also environmentally friendly.

We don’t have enough room in this piece to go over all of the reasons why becoming green is good for your business and the environment, but know that 52 percent of people make purchasing decisions based on packaging that demonstrates a company’s positive social and environmental effect.

Use eco-friendly packaging to help your brand and the environment.

Because PECs are difficult to build at scale, it’s unrealistic to expect to be able to do so for every single potential consumer. However, the unwrapping of a t-shirt is an ideal opportunity to test this.

Notes with your signature at the bottom, postcards, and other more personal items are excellent choices.

I once received a delivery from outdoor firm Moosejaw with a pack of dark chocolate-covered açai berries in it, along with a message explaining that they liked them and believed I would as well.

 Include bonus items such as buttons, patches, and music cards.

After you’ve decided on a packaging design, consider what freebies you can include in the package to match your packaging’s theme.

Pins, patches, and stickers can be included as freebies, with personalized designs based on your package concept.

You can also include gifts related to your company, such as personalized guitar picks or coasters. These are inexpensive goods that cost less than $1 and are sure to please fans.

Add a customised remark or a thank you card.

Add a personalized thank you card that says something like “Thank you, Bam,” or “You just saved a turtle!” “Thank you, Jackson,” or “Thank you, Mark, for appreciating our music!” Because this is a memorable item for them, they may want to order from you again.. Gratitude has the power to move people’s hearts and foster intimacy and loyalty.

On the packaging, engrave, print, or embroider your customer’s name.

If you’re going to use collectible packagings like tin cans and wooden boxes, go the extra mile and have their names engraved on them. Customers’ names can be etched on these cans, making them more personalized than ever.

Another example is the bamboo case, which may be personalized with the names of your customers.

Your customer’s name can also be printed on bag packaging,

such as string pouches, vinyl jackets, or compact guitar case boxes.

This, like the thank you note, will draw customers’ attention because it will appear and feel like limited-edition merchandise.

Keep your packaging simple but effective.

Grand does not imply excellence. Simple and minimalistic design concepts might sometimes appear better (and are most likely more cost effective). Even simple packaging can attract attention and cause people to exclaim, “Wow!”

As an example, consider using that string sack as packing. For that, you can choose a less expensive but still sturdy cloth with your company logo and perhaps a unique inspirational statement printed on the front. The pouch can still be utilized by the customer for other purposes, which is a plus. You can also use cardboard paper packing because it is inexpensive and simplistic.


To summarise, the packaging is important, and whether you’re selling t-shirts for your own brand, giving them out at a trade show, or giving them to staff, it’s worth thinking about how to make your packaging not only practical but also tell your brand’s story.

In terms of the t-shirt portion of it all, if you need any custom t-shirts printed, we’d be happy to assist! To place an order, contact our staff or go to our product page.

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