What to Expect in 6-Week Ultrasound

When you think about the potential advantages of scheduling a 6-week ultrasound, remember that the medical imaging market, including ultrasounds, is worth close to $6 billion. One of the most common reasons people get ultrasounds is because they are about to have a baby and want to see the miracle growing inside the pregnant woman’s tummy.

If a pregnancy test returns positive, you have a long and beautiful road ahead of you. Getting a 6 weeks ultrasound can help in many ways. Assuming you choose a high-quality, loving, and supportive place for your 6-week ultrasound, the tips below explain why you should get one.

You Can Hear the Heartbeat of Your Baby

You will never be the same after hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time during an early ultrasound. When you get a 6 weeks ultrasound, it’s still early enough to listen to a heartbeat. This is the first sign that your baby is healthy and that you are growing a living thing inside you.

It Gives a First Look

Getting a scan early in your pregnancy gives you a critical first look at your baby. There is a lot of worry during pregnancy, especially if it’s your first. Seeing the baby on an ultrasound takes away the mystery and lets you know how healthy and well your child is right now. Your doctor will measure your baby from head to bottom, find the amniotic sac, and ensure everything is okay.

You Find Out About Multiples

Having one baby is fun, but having twins is a life-changing event. An early ultrasound is also helpful because it lets you know if you have twins or other multiples. You’ll want to know this as soon as possible because it will affect how you feel for the rest of your pregnancy. If you know you have two or more babies, you can plan, organize your finances, and shop for the baby shower. It will also help you start thinking about the upcoming life-changing event sooner rather than later.

Ultrasound Dates Pregnancy

An ultrasound can also find a baby’s due date early. The doctor will figure out how far along you are by determining when you got pregnant from the measurements of the baby on the ultrasound. That comes with a due date, a rough idea of when your little bundle of joy should arrive.

It Eliminates Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancies happen in about 1 out of every 50 pregnancies. A fertilised egg never reaches the uterus in this condition. The egg becomes stuck in a fallopian tube rather than implanting in the uterus. The baby can’t live here, so it will need surgery to be taken out. It can break a tube and even kill the mother if nothing is done to stop it. If you know this as soon as possible, you can take the following steps and maybe even save your own life.

You can get all of the above benefits from scheduling a 6-week or delayed 7-week ultrasound to be sure of pregnancy. 

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